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    Hi, I’m using network in WordPress (many sites in 1 wordpress).
    I would like to use Emmet theme for diffrent site and… I would like to change fonts.
    Something like this:
    – site 1 = default font (Open Sans)
    – site 2 = changing font for (example) EXO.

    I can change font in //wp-admin/customize.php (then CSS). But then site load default open sans from http://XXXX/wp-admin/network/theme-editor.php?file=css%2Femmet-motopress.css&theme=emmet and then my font.

    If I’ll change http://XXXX/wp-admin/network/theme-editor.php?file=css%2Femmet-motopress.css&theme=emmet then font will be changing on every sites where motopress is working.

    So, how to change fonts with network wordpress?

    J. Davis


    You can try to install different Child Themes for each subsite and add style edits to style.css files of those Child Themes. Thus you will be able to activate 2 different child themes for 2 different subsites of your network. This will help you to save the changes if the parent theme is updated.

    Best regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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