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    Maria Sarantinou


    I have some issue with syncing the calendar with airbnb.
    If I close a day from hotel booking it close correctly on the sync but when I cancel the booking the calendar on airbnb remain close and locked from the external (hotel booking) calendar.

    How can I fix this issue?


    Andre Flores

    Hello Maria,

    Such behavior rather depends on AirBnB settings/functionality, as the Hotel Booking removes cancelled bookings/accommodation blocks from .ics file. This means that during the next synchronization those removed events are no longer exported. You should check it out with AirBnB support team whether they check previously imported events and remove them in case they are no longer in the export link.


    Guntram Bechtold

    Hello Andre,

    The way how and Airbnb behave like this:
    1) When a reservation is received that Event is added to .ics file
    2) When a reservation is canceled that event is removed from .ics file

    I’d like to kindly suggest that motopress hotel-booking plugin may handle this is:

    Saving the UID e.g. “[email protected]” of the specific reservation and use that hash to match any updates.

    That way we could be sure that every cancelation is updated correctly.

    Best, Guntram

    Andre Flores

    Hello Guntram,

    The issue Maria was referring to was about calendars not being updated at AirBnB end after the booking was cancelled in the Hotel Booking. It is totally controlled by the AirBnB platform itself and the Hotel Booking does not have any impact on how canceled bookings are handled at AirBnB/
    Looks like you are referring to behavior AirBnB and have when bookings are added and canceled at their end – in this case the Hotel Booking already functions properly and remove such bookings from its calendar during the next sync.


    J. Davis

    = = Update = =

    We have made a test and found that Airbnb automatically removed the imported booking that was canceled on the website. It occurs after the next import session on Airbnb.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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