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    Kerry Miller

    Hi, just wondering if there’s an easier way to add a Service to multiple Accommodation Types? I’ve just created a new service and now need to make it available to all 22 of my accommodation types. Other than editing each Accommodation Type and ticking the box for the service, is there a faster way? Thanks!

    Andre Flores

    Hello, Kerry!

    Indeed, so far the only option to apply services to accommodation types is to do that manually on each accommodation type editing page. However, we will take your request into account and in case there are more similar requests from other users, we will consider adding this option to one of the plugin future updates.
    If anyone else needs this feature as well, feel free to let me know by commenting this topic.


    Kean Chong Ken Yeoh


    Yes, i do need this feature as well, as if I have my full hotel booked, my customer has to manually tick one by one for 30 times, this is not lean at all for our customer. Customer also give up and asked us to manually book for them.

    Hi Kerry,
    Thanks for raised up this request.


    Andre Flores

    Hello, Kean!

    Thank you for your up-vote, it has been also counted. Please note that your Customer will only need to do that once in order to apply corresponding services to each accommodation type, it should not take that much time.


    Ace Suares

    Hi Motopress people,

    We would love to have this feature too, as we have a lot of accommodation types.


    J. Davis

    Thanks your upvote has been added.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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