booking rules issue- check in/out Friday/Friday and Saterday/saterday

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    Maurice Couwenberg

    Please advise from anyone for the following situation.

    We have a booking rule that in the summer season the customer can only book 8 of our accommodations from friday to friday and 7 others from saterday to saterday.

    I can not get this solved in the system due to 2 problems:

    1. The general rules for checkin/out or minimum stay are valid for the season based upon the check in date.

    Result, if my client wants to book the last full week of the season (FR-FR) and would like to stay 3 nights extra in the next season, this is not possible. The check in date defines that check out date is only possible at fridays (until the max stay rule)
    Simlar problem at the start of the summerseason. A customer can do check in in spring season and the system allows check out on e.g. a wednesday in the first week of July which is my summer season e.g. FR-FR )

    2. The last advise of the supportdesk was to use only the block accommodation by the exact dates function. E.g. block (no checkin/out) for accommodation A from saterday – thursday in week 1, etc. for week 2.

    If I would have only FR-FR stay, it could be solved by having 9 rules for all accommodations. Since I have also SA-SA, I have to apply for each individual accommodation. This means for me 15 accommodations x 9 weeks of rules = 135 rules.
    I applied but after rule 102 the system denied saving the rules.

    According to the supportdesk, due to server capacity constraints because the number of rules is unlimited in the system…….
    I have 4GB, never faced any problem with previous systems nor see current limitation in server performance. I do not get replay on what my server capacity should be, to be able to manage this number of rules.
    Besides I would understand limitions when applying the rules, not when storing them…)

    This means that I can not apply a simple booking rule which is very normal in renting houses in summer period.

    My question is if anyone faced similar problems and found a solution how to deal with situation / rules for reservations that have checkin in season A and check out in season B.

    thanks in advance Look forward to any feedback.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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