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    Mael Houck

    In the admin panel / All reservation, is it normal to see all past and futur reservation in the listing… Date filter filters by reservation date, not check-in date… Status filter filters past and futur reservation.

    How can I know when are my next customer to check-in? As an operator, I don’t need to see what happened last week or last month in my dashboard, I also don’t find relevant to sort my reservation by reserved date… I need to see upcoming reservations… I need to see upcoming check-in and make sure we are ready for our customers arrival. I’m I missing something?

    We like to use your pdf invoice plugin to print invoices and rental contract for our customers, but since it is so difficult to sort the reservations, this powerful feature becomes difficult to use… How can we easily sort reservations to be able to clic on the link to generate the invoice?

    Here are some recommendations to simplify reservation management:

    1. Once check-out date is passed, confirmed reservation could change state and become ” finished, ended, completed or passed” state. Using status filter ( confirmed ) would then be useful and powerful showing all upcoming reservation in just one clic.

    2. Default setting of All reservation could be showing the confirmed status reservations instead of all status. And be sorted by default by check-in date. Once again, this default setting would be powerful and showing exactly what hotel operators want to see in most cases.

    4. Using the report / export section is difficult since we have to configure again and again the report… would it be possible to create and save more than one custom report… Please remember, Our employee are not web masters…


    J. Davis

    Hi Mael,

    Thank you for your thoughts. It is convenient to view the bookings in calendar mode at Bookings > Calendar. You may click on any booking in the calendar to preview it and proceed to edit.

    1. We have already have a request to “Archive” the passed bookings so I’ve added your upvote to this task. We will notify you when we have any news.

    2.The upvote to this task have been added too. We will notify you if we have any news on this.

    4. The selection of the columns for the Report should be saved after the latest export. Could you please specify what other parameters you wish to be preselected?

    best regards,
    J. Davis

    Mael Houck

    Hi M Davis, thanks for the reply

    You are right, it is really convenient to look at the booking in the calendar view. Could we add the link to the pdf invoice in the booking preview ? ( same link that we see with mouse over on the booking list on the >all booking view ) it would be super fast to access de pdf functionality and make a great feature for hotel management.

    1. Thank you for the upvote for archiving past booking. Is it planned in a near futur?

    2. Thank you for the upvote for sorting default booking view in booking list. Is it planned in a near futur?

    4. Since bookings are not easy to sort in the >all booking view, as an hotel operator our only ressource to generate listing for our team is to extract data, sorting it in excel, remove irrelevant information or bookings and so on… What we want is :
    – Be prepared for customer arrival = list of confirmed reservation at a specific date (check-in). ( we want too see reserved room and customer name and duration the stay or dates)
    – Know what room to clean = list of reserved rooms at a spécifiquement date(check-out) ( we want to see room number )
    – What extra service will we have to supply = list of reserved services at a specific date. (we want to see customer name and service reserved, this is more a “bonus feature” )


    J. Davis


    Thank you for your reply. At the moment, there is no possibility to add PDF link to the popup of the booking at back-end calendar.

    1. and 2. the features are not planned yet. We collect feedback for now.

    4. Thank you for your feedback. All the information about booking and payment can be found in PDF invoice. You may print PDF invoices too.

    best regards,
    J. Davis

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