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    Studio MLM


    I have tried implementing a booking form with both the short code method and the elementor ‘booking form’ widget method. I have specified the correct ID on both (I know it’s correct because beyond checking it on wordpress, it works with the other motopress plugins).

    But the section where there should be a booking form is entirely blank.

    Studio MLM

    Nevermind, as it turned out you don’t get those shortcodes/widgets to populate until you set rates for that accomodation type.

    Mary Evans

    Hello, thank you for solving the issue on your own and sharing your experience.
    Indeed, for the booking form to be displayed correctly and an accommodation type to be available, there should be:
    1) available physical accommodations in Accommodation > Accommodations;
    2) a pricing season for the searched dates (Accommodation > Seasons);
    3) an assigned rate for the searched dates (Accommodation > Rates).

    If one of these three is not set up, then the plugin does not know the renting period and the price, so such accommodation types are considered unavailable.

    Best Regards,
    Mary Evans

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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