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    Cherie-Ann Setchell

    Firstly I’d just like to say that the customer service is brilliant. Helped me resolve my last query very quickly.

    1. Can the booking confirmation form be edited with options for pets and infants as well as the current ones for adults and children?

    2. Is there a way to make the booking calendar in the admin area easier to see and understand for 1 accommodation. Currently it shows the text ‘accommodation’ on the first line with dates, then the accommodation name and the bookings followed by the text ‘accommodation’ and dates again. Just looks a bit cluttered.

    Kind regards

    Stacy Lind

    Hi Cherie,

    Thank you for the nice feedback.
    You can add the pets and infants fields with the latest update of the MotoPress Hotel booking plugin. Make sure that the plugin is updated to its latest version, which is 3.0.0.
    When it is updated, you will see a new sub-menu tab (Accommodation > Attributes). In this menu click Add New and create a Pets attribute. Click Publish and then Configure Terms. In the Terms menu add all the possible pets variations, e.g. 1, 2, 3.
    Then tick the pet numbers that can stay in your accommodation type in Accommodation > Accommodation Types > open the editor of your accommodation types (the Attributes section on the right).
    Do the same to create the infants attribute. When the pet numbers and infants are assigned to your accommodation types, you can add a relevant advanced search shortcode to any page, for example:
    [mphb_availability_search attributes=”pets,infants”]
    You can read more about this shortcode in Accommodation > Shortcodes.
    Such search form will run search by pets and infants, too.

    There are usually more accommodation types that make a long list in the admin Calendar, so the last row with dates is very useful. It is possible to remove the lats row, but in order to edit the CSS of the admin panel, you would need to install an additional third-party plugin.

    Cherie-Ann Setchell

    You’re welcome, its a very nice theme and the support has been great.

    Thank you, that is very helpful.

    Would you be able to tell me how to show the prices in the search availability sidebar and on booking page?
    My client would like them to show when dates are chosen before searching the availability.

    kind regards

    J. Davis

    Hi Cherie-Ann,

    Thank you for your question. Unfortunately there is no possibility to update rates for selected dates only.
    At the moment you can try to list the rates and season prices manually adding text to the description or elsewhere on your site. Thanks you.

    best regards,

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