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    David Keller

    Hi, we have set up 10 seasons because we have different prices Mon-Fri and Sat-Sun.

    With a maximum of 8 adults, this are 10 rates tables x 8 rates = 80 prices.

    The problem now is that there are maybe children. That means we have to create everything again for each of the 10 seasons and 10 rates tables with

    1 adult & 1 child,
    1 adult & 2 children,
    1 adult & 3 children,
    2 adult & 1 child,
    2 adult & 2 children,
    2 adult & 3 children,
    3 adult & 1 child,
    3 adult & 2 children,
    3 adult & 3 children,

    That’s around 400 rates tables.

    Is there a possibility not to include children in the calculation? So that the customer can select how many adults and how many children are in the booking, but the price is only calculated for the adults?

    An option for children pay nothing?


    David Keller

    We have now created 360 price tables and this is how it works, unfortunately very cumbersome.

    Andre Flores

    Hello David,

    Yes, this is the only available option so far indeed, since you allow both adults and children. As an alternative you may disable Children option and have Guests option available only, so the price depends on the number of guests, regardless of whether they are adults or children – not sure if this option suits you.


    Gundula Uray

    Up vote – same issue here – Dear Motopress team this is clearly not maintanable plus I have to say that it is a standard feature on all other booking sites.

    Disabling children is also not possible as there is a legal requirement to charge different city charges for children and adults – hence differentiating between the two groups is a must.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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