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    Christine Booth

    I believe I have followed the documentation and selected the correct system pages and have the correct shortcodes to enable a reservation to be made. Pages 18 to 24 of the supplied pdf document and followed the settings used on the Villagio demo site.

    I am using a local WAMP server on my PC.

    In Accommodations > Settings > General I have selected Confirmation by Admin manually; not selected “Enable search form to recommend the best set of accommodations according to a number of guests” and selected “Skip Search Results”

    I can make a manual reservation on the calendar in the admin area under Bookings.

    But I can’t make a booking from the Accommodation-type post (e.g. http://pagebuild.test/accommodation/ah-moy/ ) The Form checks and confirms the availability, the ‘Confirm Reservation’ button appears. Then on the https://pagebuild.test/booking-confirmation/booking-confirmed/ URL I get an error message: “This site can’t be reached pagebuild.test refused to connect…Cannot locate the Internet server of proxy server.”

    I tried deleting the booking-confirmed page and creating a new page. The New page could be viewed (as a child of the Booking Confirmation page with url:/booking-confirmation/booking-confirmed/ ); but after the “confirm Reservation” button is clicked on the Accommodation-type post; this URL /booking-confirmation/booking-confirmed/ always gives the ” this site can’t be reached…” error. Deleting the cache did not remove the error.

    Any suggestions? I am using motopress-hotel-booking-3.0.2 with the latest version of WP and with Genesis installed and a genesis theme.


    J. Davis


    Once you hit Confirm Reservation button you should be redirected to Booking Confirmation page. This page should contain shortcode [mphb_checkout]
    Make sure you have selected proper page with the shortcode above as Checkout Page within Accommodation>Settings.

    best regards,
    John Davis

    Christine Booth

    This was a mystery error. I had to delete the plugin, and start all over with a new WP site (on my local serer). Could not determine what caused the error, so just hope it doesn’t occur again!

    J. Davis

    Hi Christine,

    Thank you for your follow up.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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