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    Ryan Labelle

    I am trying to create the following booking format options…..

    1. Friday to Friday 7 nights Check In 4pm. Check Out 10am

    2. Friday to Monday 3 nights Check in 4pm Check Out 10am

    3. Monday to Friday 4 nights Check In 4pm Check Out 10am

    But I cannot get all 3 booking options working together. In variably it is either 3 and 1 or 3 and 2. It seems that the system cannot cope with options 1 and 2 together.

    Any idea? Is this possible?

    Mary Evans

    Hi Ryan,

    Please, follow the instructions below:
    – create 2 seasons (weekends and week days)
    – add booking rules for these seasons as in the screenshot I’ve attached
    – add seasonal prices for “weekends” and “week days” seasons and specify price for 7 nights (

    Best Regards,
    M. Evans

    Joeri Vijt

    Hi Mary,

    I have the same issue and your solution didn’t solve it unfortunately.

    Actually, we have only 1 accomodation (holiday house) that is possible to book:

    Weekend – 2 nights – (friday 4PM > sunday 3PM)
    Long Weekend – 3 nights – (fridagy 4PM > monday 10AM)
    Midweek – 4 nights – (monday 4PM > friday 10PM)

    After 4 hours of searching, Googeling and reading your forums and help topics I can’t get it working. Any help would be appreciated.

    Andre Flores

    Hello Joeri,

    You should still create two seasons for weekdays and weekends with the following booking rules:

    – the weekdays season should allow to check in on Monday and check out on Friday with min-stay and max-stay set to 4 nights,
    – the weekend season should allow check in on Friday and check-out on Sunday and Monday with min-stay set to 2 nights and max-stay set to 3 nights

    If there is still no luck, kindly submit a request to our Help Desk providing your website URL and temporary access to WordPress dashboard, so we take a closer look at the issue.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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