Blocked Rooms Show As Available in Calendar

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    Cindy Haubl

    We have three Rooms assigned to an Accommodation Type.

    Room 1 has been Blocked via Booking Rules for August 6-8 (inclusive).
    Room 3 has been Blocked via Booking Rules for August 6-9 (inclusive).
    and Room 2 has been Reserved for August 7-8 (checking out on 9th).

    Now, when I look at the Availability Calendar for this Accommodation Type for August, the calendar shows the dates of August 5-13 as Available (green background), even though the period of August 7-8 has ALL rooms blocked/booked within this accommodation type! Not good!

    This gives website visitors the wrong impression of *actual* available dates, resulting in a very frustrating user experience and potentially lost business for us.

    How can you fix this so that Reserved AND Blocked Rooms show as NOT Available when they have been reserved/blocked for the same dates?

    Mary Evans

    Hello Cindy,

    We could not recreate the issue locally.
    Please, make sure you’ve specified restrictions when creating the rules in Bookings > Bookings Rules > Block accommodation > Restriction.
    Also, make sure you’ve added availability calendar with appropriate shortcode [mphb_availability_calendar id=”999″ monthstoshow=”2,3″] where 999 is the needed acc.type ID.

    Best Regards,
    M. Evans

    Cindy Haubl

    Yes, we’ve specified restrictions where you suggested… that’s how we’ve been blocking rooms up to this point.

    We created each Accommodation Type via Accommodations > Accommodation Type.

    When an individual Accommodation Type is edited, the only place to enter the custom availability calendar shortcode you mentioned is in the description field of the editor. But why would we add that shortcode when this Accommodation Type already shows the Details, Availability Calendar and Availability Search fields? Your short code would simply add a 2nd Availability Calendar for this Acc Type which is not what we are trying to achieve here.

    Would you like our login details so that you can investigate and debug this issue for yourselves?

    Andre Flores

    Hello, Cindy!

    I would kindly ask that you submit your request to our Help Desk, providing temporary access to your WordPress dashboard, so we take a closer look at the issue.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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