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    Catalin Iordache

    Hi there.

    Please help me with disabling the black points (bullets) displayed on the left on some certain information (room recommendation, Adults, Children etc.).

    Please check here what I am talking about:
    (it’s in romanian language, but whatever …)

    Thank you very much.

    J. Davis

    Hi Catalin,

    Those dotes are default list style designed by your theme. You can override theme styles in plugin by adding custom CSS:

    ul.mphb-loop-room-type-attributes {
        list-style: none;

    If you need our assistance in overriding theme styles you can get Extended Support offer.

    Best regards,

    Catalin Iordache

    Thank you very much, John. I didn’t realize … sorry.

    It works, of course :-).

    I understood also how to change the buttons design, on .mphb_sc_search-submit-button-wrapper .button


    Many thanks.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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