Availability Calendar sets booking form date???

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    Thomas Levack

    My availability calendar is not setting the dates in the booking form.

    This function works on current site using Booklium template. Not using a Motopress theme for new site as I am writing all the CSS myself. Am I missing something to connect these widgets. Both have the same Accommodation Type ID.

    I do have multiple instances of each of the Avail CAl and booking form on the page, but using dynamic visibility to display only one of each widget that is associated with the Accommodation type selected.

    Thanks for any assistance

    Thomas Levack

    I have it working on another test page.. Just gonna rebuild page and see where it breaks. I have multiple instances and all CSS and java from page… hmmm.

    Thomas Levack

    I found the issue, but no solution yet. We designed a desktop version that is a bit different from the tablet/mobile version. THe page has a div for the desktop version and one for tablet/mobile, which then uses Elementor responsive visibility to turn them on/off for the appropriate screen size.

    So while they are not visible at the same time, the page actually has two sets of the widgets for the same ID. This is the conflict.

    Unfortunately I have designed myself into a corner on this one and need to figure out how to disable or get it so only that widgets will only load once on the correct device.

    UGH. any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

    Thomas Levack

    I rebuilt the page the way I should have from the beginning. Made layout work without using different containers for each device. The multiple instances of the same ID in the DOM were the problem, which of course makes sense. working fine now.

    knut Wiig

    This does not work for me either! Very frustrating. I just bought another version just to see if that would help but still the same issue. I really need this to work in order to get use out of this system.

    Can someone help?

    J. Davis

    Hi Knut,
    Please provide a link to the page where you added the calendar and availability form. Make sure the Skip Search results option is enabled at Accommodation > Settings.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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