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    Nathanael Arndt

    Hi guys,

    first, the chat support is not working? any info about it?

    So, with API, I want to get the list of bookings that will check in today.

    At the moment, I tried this:

    Why do I use per_page? because it only shows the 10 oldest bookings (the last booking would be nice).

    BUT….By syncing with booking.com via iCal, the API outputs more than 100 entries, about 135. The problem is, I can only put 100, otherwise error 400.

    Is there any solution for this problem?
    The date limit is not working.
    I need only the booking that booked via the website, not from iCal (imported)

    Thank you

    Alex M

    100 posts per page is a limit of WordPress. You need to use pagination like described in the link above.

    You may check these examples for the date range and how to filter imported bookings:

    1. date range
    2. filter imported bookings
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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