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    Ryan Sweeney

    My family is going to visit our short term rental and I want to block off those dates so they cannot be booked through Airbnb/VRBO/etc…

    I created a Booking Rule, but it doesn’t appear to be syncing with the calendars at my other OTA listings.

    Is there a way to use a Motopress Hotel Booking to block off certain days and have that sync to Airbnb/VRBO/etc…?

    Alex M

    There is an option ‘Export admin blocks’ under ‘Accommodation -> Settings -> General -> Calendars Synchronization’.

    Ryan Sweeney

    I did that but didn’t see the block reflected on my OTA. Do I have to delete the calendar and re-import it on the OTA for those changes to show up, or should it sync through the normal sync behavior?

    Andre Flores

    Hello, Ryan!

    There is no need to remove the calendar, you may simply sync your calendars via dashboard. Open the accommodation type calendar you have added blocks to in your browser to download the .ics file – check whether blocks are included in the file. If blocks are there and it still does not work, perhaps, the OTA does not accept blocks, you should contact their support team, they may provide more information regarding this matter.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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