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    Julien Verhaeghe


    I have a trouble with the coupon discount and the price repartition details :

     Répartition du prix
    −#1 Le loft
    Note : Le Loft
    	945 €
    Invités 	2
    Nuits 	7
    Dates 	Montant
    1 mai 2019 	150 €
    2 mai 2019 	150 €
    3 mai 2019 	150 €
    4 mai 2019 	150 €
    5 mai 2019 	150 €
    6 mai 2019 	150 €
    7 mai 2019 	150 €
    Dates sous-total 	1,050 €
    Discount 	-105 €
    Logement sous-total 	945 €
    Sous-total 	840 €
    Coupon: SEMAINE 	-105 €	Supprimer
    Total 	945 €

    I have a coupon configured for when a whole week is booked.

    As you can see, (sorry for the french translation but I think you see what it refers to), my accomodation without coupon is 1050€. My coupon offers 10% discount which leads to a new price of 945€, which is correct. What I can’t understand is why there is another line with -105€. And it shows a subtotal of 840 which is the original price with twice the discount. What does it refer to ? Where can I disable this line ?

    Thank you

    J. Davis

    Hi Julien,

    The issue with sub-total counting is fixed in 3.2.0 version of Hotel Booking plugin. This update is available if you purchased stand alone plugin. If you got it as part of theme you may wait till we will review compatibility of latest version of the plugin and each theme and release it with theme update or purchase plugin separately from our site.

    best regards,
    J. Davis

    Julien Verhaeghe

    Actually, I am using the 3.2.0 version and the anomaly is still there. I’ve purchased the standalone plugin. On extensions settings pages, it is listed as the 3.2.0 version

    Réservation d'hotel
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    Version 3.2.0 | Par MotoPress | Aller sur le site de l’extension
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    Isidro Ortiz

    I have exactly the same problem
    the discount coupon is being applied twice and I also have version 3.20

    Julien Verhaeghe

    I’ve just noticed that 3.3 is out. gonna check it and tell you if the bug is here

    J. Davis


    Could you send your sites examples and test discount codes to check it out?
    Also describe the configuration of coupon code you created for test.

    best regards,
    J. Davis

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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