2 different tax rates for services?

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    PHP: 7.4
    Wordpress: 5.9.2 (Installation by download via FileZilla (not by tool provided by the hosting provider))
    Oceanica theme: 2.0.4
    Oceanica Child theme: 1.0.0
    Oceanica Engine: 0.0.1
    Hotel Booking: 4.2.1
    One Click Demo Import: 3.0.2 (Disabled after import)
    Hotel Booking PDF Invoices: 1.2.1
    Hotel Booking Notifier: 1.1.2
    Hotel Booking Reviews: 1.2.6
    Hotel Booking Styles: 1.0.2

    Getwid: 1.7.8
    Jetpack: 10.7


    The hotel of my client has services with a 5.5% VAT (extra bed, baby bed, pet package) and others services with a 10% VAT (breakfast).

    Is it possible to have two different tax rates for services?

    Thank you in advance for any reply.


    Valerie Bextor

    Hello Fab!

    There is no way to do what you’re asking for at the moment, unfortunately. If we get more requests from our customers, we will consider adding this feature to one of our future plugin updates.


    Hello Valerie,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I will see how to add the second VAT % by programming even if I know that I should add this code at each update of the plugin.

    If the MotoPress team makes this change, it would be better – from a European perspective – to link a tax rate with a service (by adding a selector of tax rate in the Price block of “Edit a service” and to use it for the calculation of taxes and prices of the service with taxes).

    Some other suggestions for small improvement (after discussion with my client, the hotel owner):

    – Add a <textarea> field in back-end “Bookings/Client” to permit to the owner of the hotel to include remark on the client (Example: “does not want flowers but prefers chocolates”, “prefers the view on the lake”, etc.). It allows to personalize the contact with the regular client.

    – In back-end, to display the list of reservations of a client to know when the client has already come. Maybe the list of “All Booking” could do this if it were possible to filter it with client ID and/or first and last name.

    – To correct the loose of adults and children numbers between “Search results page” and “Reservation confirmation page” (cookies?).

    – In “Reservation confirmation page/Choose additional services”, to replace the wording “guests” by “adults” and to add, for each service related to people, a selector of the number of children. It allows to correct the non-inclusion of the number of children in the number of guests (Example: problem with the calculation of the number of breakfasts that does not allow for the direct inclusion of children) and it allows to have services dedicated only to children (like services with lower prices than for adults).

    – Possibility to create a hotel package by adding one or several services to a room.
    Example: The hotel of my client proposes “Step evening” which includes the room, dinner and continental breakfast for a reduced price. To enter it in “MPHB” plugin, I created a service “Step evening” with the reduced price and without the price of the room. Problem: the client can choose by mistake in “Reservation confirmation page/Choose additional services”, “Step evening” and “continental breakfast” while “Step evening” already includes the “continental breakfast”.

    – In back-end “Bookings/Calendar”, to replace the background color (white) of the weekends by another color to distinguish more easily these days from other days of the week.

    – For “MPHB PDF Invoices”, to write tax rates and amounts on invoices into a single table (usually at the bottom left). But this is the European standard and may not be practiced in other countries.

    – Possibility to add the public and secret keys for sandbox in payment gateways like Stripe with an error message if the sandbox mode is chosen and the corresponding keys have not been entered. This avoids errors and makes it easy to switch from one mode to another (sandbox/production).

    – In back-end “Bookings/Taxes and fees”, add the possibility to automatically calculate the tourist tax but it may be difficult to do because the calculation methods are certainly very different from one country to another.

    The plugin is very good, congratulations to the team. The suggestions are just to bring my little stone to the building.

    Thanks again!


    J. Davis

    Hi Fab,

    Thank you for your reply and for the provided information. I’ve added your suggestions to our list of features.

    best regards,
    J. Davis

    Abdülkadir Sahin

    Hi Fab, i have the same problem. Thank you for the infos. Hope i can code it too 🙂


    Hi Abdülkadir,

    I have been very busy lately and have not made this change yet.
    I will add the info here when it’s done so it benefits everyone.


    Sophie Jadoul

    Can we somehow upvote Fab’s request and proposed solutions… Thanks Fab for the work already in this.

    J. Davis

    Hi Sophie,

    You may outline the features you would like to vote fore and we’ll add it to proper tasks.

    best regards,
    J. Davis

    Danilo Hartmann

    Yes, absolutly need different tax rates for different services. Tax percentages can be different according nature of sold service in many Countries.

    J. Davis

    Hi Danilo, Thanks, your upvote has been added

    Danilo Hartmann

    Ok, We hope for this. Thanks

    Shelley Montreuil

    Also looking for different tax rates for different services. Thanks!

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