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Albatross is a nifty and elegant free WordPress hotel theme. It’s dedicated to building rental property sites for any accommodation type, ranging from a hotel with multiple rooms to urban and rustic vacation rentals. The Albatross WordPress hotel template is backed by two powerful plugins: MotoPress Hotel Booking for online bookings, property search, availability calendars, property management, and Elementor for seamless visual customization. Build your hotel brand online, grow direct bookings, and save hours of time you spend on your business routine.
Install the theme by searching "Albatross" in "Dashboard > Appearance > Themes > Add New" or download it for free from Open source software. Distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL.
Free Hotel Elementor Theme

Albatross Highlights: Free Hotel Booking Elementor WordPress Theme

A perfect free Elementor template for hotels with the lite version of the hotel plugin WordPress system included.

Seasonal Pricing
Unlimited Properties & Bookings
Online Payment Processing
OTAs Channel Manager
Bookings Calendar
Extras & Packages
Taxes & Fees
Custom Search Filters
Automated Emails
Revenue & Bookings Stats
Discount Coupons
Availability Calendars

You can extend this theme with many premium extensions*

PDF Invoices
Automated Payment Requests
Property Reviews
WooCommerce Payment Gateways
Mailchimp Integration
Personalized Emails
Customized Checkout Form

*These extensions are NOT included with the theme purchase, but you can buy the desired ones separately.

Breathtaking Front Page & Theme Visuals

Prioritizing bold image galleries, properties, news & events, you’ll create outstanding pre-vacation experiences of your hotel or vacation rental. You can use a video, slider, or image in the front page header.

Feature your best rooms, focus on the social proof with testimonials, and provide visitors with structured information in clean header and footer sections.

Property Page Design Variations

This free Hotel Booking Elementor WordPress theme makes it easy to showcase properties in a compact list view with a sidebar or put single/multiple properties in the spotlight (without a sidebar).

With a single accommodation layout, you are free to focus on individual properties – display an image gallery, room capacity, pricing, availability calendars, virtual tours, and more.

Tweak Theme Design with Elementor

The Albatross free WordPress hotel theme is crafted with the most popular and loved WordPress site builder – Elementor. It guarantees smooth and flexible edit times for you, even if you don’t have any tech skills.

All those stunning visuals you see in a demo – galleries, tabs, sliders, testimonials, and more are pre-built and styled with Elementor. And you can edit them in visual mode!

Lottie Animation, Image Hotspots & More with Stratum

Stratum is our hand-crafted collection of extra widgets that brings many more customization opportunities to Elementor and Albatross.

We didn’t just pack this addon with the theme, we added many pre-designed content widgets created with Stratum: lightweight Lottie animations, maps, image galleries, and more!

Change Theme Accent Colors in WordPress Hotel Template

The Albatross Free WordPress Hotel Theme allows you to change the color scheme via WordPress Customizer for the entire site globally.

For individual content elements, there are always Elementor widgets to help you choose complementary colors for buttons, backgrounds, texts, and any needed content element.

One-Click Demo Import for Super Quick Setup

Want your hotel site to look exactly like in a demo? You won’t need to worry about the setup process!

The Albatross Free WordPress Hotel theme is packed with the dedicated tool that will help launch your site and make it look like in a demo, literally in minutes.

Property Management & Bookings with MotoPress

The MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin is sharpened for lodging business needs. It enables you to have control over the full cycle of property and bookings management! The plugin is available in free and PRO versions. The Albatross Elementor hotel template is powered by the free version, but we also highlight premium features so you can see all plugin opportunities.

Free Hotel Elementor ThemeSeasonal Pricing & Custom Rates

Set different rates for the same accommodation type based on different conditions. For example:

  • Accommodation facilities.
  • Calendar period (holidays, weekends, seasons).
  • Discount coupons.
  • The length of stay and number of guests (available with Hotel Booking Pro only).

Free Hotel Elementor ThemePayPal, Pay on Arrival, Direct Bank Transfer

The free version of the Hotel Booking plugin integrated with Albatross allows for secure payment processing via the built-in PayPal payment gateway, direct bank transfer, or cash on arrival.

You can unlock even more gateways, such as Stripe, Beanstream/Bambora, Braintree, and 2Checkout with Hotel Booking Pro.

Free Hotel Elementor ThemeProperty Search Form with Your Custom Filters

This feature is available with Hotel Booking Pro only.

For multiple accommodations, you can make the property search as quick and convenient as possible for your prospects.

The search form can be easily extended with any sorting filters that are specific to your business realities.

Free Hotel Elementor ThemeAutomated & Manually Approved Bookings

You may opt for accepting all booking submissions automatically, for example, upon payments or when a guest confirms their booking by clicking a link in the email.

Otherwise, entrust this task to your website admin staff so that they can approve or decline booking submissions manually.

Free Hotel Elementor ThemeDouble Your Profit with Bookable Extras

Add and categorize extra services, assign them to specific accommodation types, and set charging rules (e.g. charge once per stay or per each night) for them.

At checkout, guests will be able to view and add the offers they like to their bookings.

Free Hotel Elementor ThemeSync Site Bookings with OTAs like Airbnb

This feature is available with Hotel Booking Pro only.

Grow direct bookings with the Albatross Hotel Booking Elementor WordPress Theme but don’t forget about extra channels! Sync availability calendars across different OTAs like Airbnb or and your WordPress website.

Free Hotel Elementor ThemeAdmin Calendar for All Bookings

The calendar gives you a visual view of all bookings with all statuses (confirmed, pending confirmation, etc.).

You can quickly filter them by the status, date, or accommodation type to see available/unavailable slots. Additionally, you’ll view all bookings in chronological order via the Payment History menu.

Free Hotel Elementor ThemePortable Bookings Data in CSV Documents

Feel free to generate booking reports and export them in a CSV format.

For your spreadsheet document, you can choose individual fields with information about accommodation types, booking statuses, booking IDs, rates, and more filters.

More features of the Albatross Free WordPress Hotel Theme

  • Pre-made pages: Amenities, Restaurant, Gallery, About Us, Contact Us, News, Rooms
  • Mailchimp subscription form
  • Translate the theme with WPML, Weglot, and other WordPress multilingual plugins
  • GDPR ready
  • 9 widget zones
  • 3 navigation menus
  • 2 blog layouts
  • Google Maps integration
  • Social icons.

More features of the MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin

Compare MotoPress Hotel Booking Lite vs PRO

  • Create a directory of properties with details, such as amenities, photos, videos, individual availability calendars
  • Collect and file mandatory fees, accommodation taxes, service taxes, fee taxes
  • Charge full or deposit payments
  • Fully personalized email automation for bookings
  • Block specific rooms and dates to temporarily disable bookings for chosen properties
  • Allow one guest to book multiple accommodations during one transaction and use different guest names
  • Actions and filters for developers
  • Free video tutorials
  • Add bookings manually to the dashboard (available with Hotel Booking Pro only)
  • Manually edit original booking details: check-in/check-out dates, booked accommodations, booked services, and property rates (available with Hotel Booking Pro only)
  • Sync bookings with Apple and Google Calendars (available with Hotel Booking Pro only).

How Do I Use Albatross with PRO Hotel Booking Plugin Features?

  1. Download and install the Albatross Free WordPress Hotel Theme.
  2. From the WordPress admin dashboard, upgrade Hotel Booking Lite to PRO.

Download Demo Data for Albatross

Download the Albatross theme demo data files and then proceed to the “Manual demo files upload” section in your WordPress dashboard. To download files below, follow the link > right-click of your mouse > click ‘Save as’ > Save to your device.

Download content import file(XML): albatross.xml
Download widgets import file(WIE): albatross-widgets.wie
View the theme demo here: Albatross

Data import is generally not immediate and can take up to 10 minutes.
After you import this demo, you will have to configure the Mailchimp and Google Maps API keys separately.

Detailed Video Tutorial

MotoPress also provides premium WordPress themes for vacation rental websites: Booklium, Oceanica, Luviana, and others.


Free WordPress Hotel Theme


Bed and Breakfast WordPress Theme


Hotel Website Template


Hotel WordPress Theme


Note that the included booking plugin in this theme is not updated with the regularity of its standalone version. If you are looking for instant plugin updates in your theme, you may want to additionally purchase the plugin.

Is Albatross really free?

Yes, Albatross is a free WordPress theme that you can download and use for your hotel website.

What features does Albatross include?

Albatross comes with a range of features to help you create a professional hotel website, including custom widgets, customizable layouts, a booking form, and more.

Do I need any coding skills to use Albatross?

No, Albatross is designed to be user-friendly and easy to customize, even if you have no coding experience.

Can I use Albatross for a website other than a hotel website?

While Albatross is specifically designed for hotel websites, you can customize it to suit other types of businesses as well.

Is support available for Albatross?

Yes, MotoPress offers support for Albatross, including documentation, a help desk, and a support forum where you can ask questions and get help if you run into any issues.

Can I use Albatross with other WordPress plugins?

Yes, Albatross is designed to be compatible with a range of WordPress plugins, so you may extend its functionality as needed.


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Albatross is an open source software that distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL and hosted on

174 Replies to “Albatross

    1. Hi, Thank you. We are aware of this issue and we will do our best to fix it shortly. Meanwhile, you may download Hotel Booking 3.9.14 and install it on your site downgrading the version.

  1. Hi, I’m using Albatross theme with Hotel Booking pro plugin. I would like to know if there is a way to replace the featured image of Single Accommodation pages with the image gallery of that accommodation type or not?

    1. Hi Vias, There is no such an option in the theme by default. You might need to override the template files of the theme to replace the featured image with the gallery on the pages of accommodation types.

  2. Hi Mr Davis,

    Thanks for your help on the coloring, I managed to change the link of the colors. The only thing that I have now left is the pink color of the widgets like for the price and the icons.

    how can I change those?


    1. Hi Nikki, You may try to change the color code withing the following styles:

      .main-navigation li:hover > a {
          color: #fc9285;
      .social-menu a:hover {
          color: #fc9285;
      .entry-title a:hover {
          color: #fc9285;

      You may contact our support team for further assistance.

      1. Thanks! That made the header look a bit better indeed but I am also looking to narrow the space just below the header any tips for that?


        1. Hi Nikki,
          Thanks for your reply. You may try to add the code below additionally to the previous one:

          @media (min-width: 780px) {
              margin-top: -80px !important;

    1. Hi, Thanks for your question. Each slide of the slideshow on the Home page is a child page of your Home page. So you need to navigate to Pages > All pages and find the Front Page. There you will see the child pages under it. You need to edit the child page to be able to change the title, excerpt, and featured image.

  3. Hi thanks again for all your assistance on the theme.

    I am wondering if there is a way around not using a small square logo in the header. It seems whenever I try to upload the logo, it gets cropped.

    Is there a way to override this, so I can upload a landscape logo?

  4. I am trying to test if Albatross would work for our vacation rental, however I can’t import the demo data – it says “There are no predefined import files available for this theme. Please upload the import files manually below.”

    Where can I download the demo data from so i can upload to WordPress?

  5. Hi there,

    How can I edit the header so that I may be able to add an additional button where the ‘Menu’ button is? I cannot find the container to edit this section.


    1. Hi Jamie, There is no possibility to add custom buttons next to the MENU button in the header. You may try to override the header.php file of the theme to add custom content.

  6. Hi I would like the rooms & suits to look like waht you have on your demo page (one line gallery scrolling horizontally) When I import the accommodation in – each one shows as full page images with the info underneath rather than smaller images. in one line.

    Is this something in the settings – because I have tried a few things and cant seem to get it looking like yours.

    Also is there a way to edit the layout of the accommodation page template? You mentioned below that it can be done in Elementor but I am not finding this option.

    1. Hi Julie, You need to apply a special class name slider to transform the list of the accommodation types into a slider/carousel. This is a feature of the Albatross theme only.

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