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    When using MotoPress, after selecting check-in and check-out dates, the total price is only shown after clicking a second button “Confirm Reservation”.

    In comparison, platforms like Airbnb display the total price immediately after dates are selected.

    I am a relatively new full membership user.
    I did few researches and found only partially useful these related threads:
    New in 4.6.0 – Book from availability calendar – shortcode?

    Single accommodation – removing VIEW DETAILS button and “1 of 1…”

    Is this feature currently available or planned?
    I believe I am not the only one to think it should be considered very useful for Single accommodation bookings:
    it would be beneficial to streamline the booking experience by displaying the total price as soon as the dates are selected, improving transparency and convenience for users.

    Additionally, I read this post from a year ago:
    Edit Individual Accommodation Pages with Hotel Booking Styles Add-on
    and I have some considerations for the MotoPress staff:
    The documentation has curated articles, but a clear path after installation and quick steps is missing.
    A focus on UX improvements and tooltips in WP-admin, at least directing users to existing documentation, is needed in my opinion.
    The logic behind Accommodation Type (mphb_room_type) was entirely unclear to me. Specifically, the necessity of creating an “Accommodation Type” even for a Single accommodation, followed by creating a proper instantiation of the physical Accommodation (mphb_room).

    This should be more explicitly stated, as it is somewhat buried in the documentation and could be rewritten for clarity. Maybe need to be font-increased or background-highlighted.

    Moreover, the logic that the template is decided by Accommodation Type, except when -relatively new- additional plugins are installed (e.g., the one cited above), is not straightforward.

    Finally, it’s unclear to me, nor could I find information in the documentation about this:
    Can a Single accommodation page (e.g., mysite/accommodation/my-real-single-accommodation) become the default homepage?
    It seems not.
    I spent a lot of time trying to set this up, and for now, I have used [mphb_availability id=”123″] (Booking Form block) and [mphb_availability_calendar id=”123″] (Availability Calendar block) with the ID corresponding to “my-real-single-accommodation”.

    Does this make sense? Can this be achieved more efficiently?

    J. Davis

    Hi Alberto,
    To show the price after selecting the dates you need to activate one of the options below the Skip Search Results option:

    – Show price for selected period
    – Show price together with adults and children fields

    Please check this screenshot Here is how the price is displayed

    You can add the widgets/blocks of the accommodation type (such as Gallery, Attributes, Price, etc.) to the Home page and indicate the ID of the accommodation type to show the related information. Thus you can build something like a property page on the Home page of your site. If you need more information I would kindly ask you to specify the edit that you use to edit the Home page of your site.
    Feel free to ask any additional questions.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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