Book Directly via Availability Calendar

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    Raphael Wightman

    +1 up vote for this feature.

    Rodlyn Joseph

    +1 for me also.

    Matthew Gerber

    +1 for me also

    Duncan Pollard


    Loris Plasson

    +1 as well for me.

    If I may suggest, a date picker like Airbnb one on the rental detail page, it is very ergonomic, especially witht the date range selection.

    Максим Синельник

    +1 for me also

    John Snelgrove

    +1 for us also – this would make the system so much more usable.

    Nicolas Pereira

    +1 from us for this feature!

    Ryan Labelle

    + 1 from us as well 🙂 Lots of people asking for this. It would be a fantastic update.

    Anna Cardona Castells

    +1 from us for this feature!!

    Melissa Roberts

    +! for this feature as well.

    Having to view one calendar for availability, then another calendar to select dates isn’t very effective. With our sister sites of Airbnb and Vrbo doing this properly makes our site look and feel archaic. Any timeline on this feature release?

    And the form result saying the dates are available with a button… just open the booking confirmation page. Should only see a form result if the dates aren’t available. Is there a way to subvert that form result/button?

    Lot of unnecessary clicks to get to the booking confirmation page. Thanks!

    J. Davis


    I’ve added your upvotes to our list of features. This task has not been planned yet.
    As for the availability form so you may enable the Skip Search Results option at Accommodation > Settings. Additionally, you may follow this link to find a workaround to hide the check availability button

    best regards,
    J. Davis

    Michael Callum

    Another +1 for this also

    J. Davis

    Thank you, your upvote has been added.

    Adrian Ince

    +1 here too. Not being able to book from the availability calendar is the single most confusing part of the UI in the Hotel Booking extension.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 40 total)
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