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Trusted by thousands, the best WordPress Slider by MotoPress is an all-in-one solution for visual promotion of your website. Create a custom, WooCommerce product or posts slideshow with smooth animation effects. Enjoy easy navigation, a layer-based nature and intuitive interface of the slider.
WordPress Slider

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Multiple requests encouraged us to develop a PrestaShop Slider version of this slider! Feel free to check it if you are a PrestaShop user.

Product Highlights

layersAnimated Layers

Do you want to add text, links, images, or videos to each slide? MotoPress Slider is an ideal tool for this. Even if you are eager to independently animate each layer – everything is possible with this both compelling and simple-to-use plugin.

video sliderYoutube, Vimeo, and HTML5 self-hosted Videos

It’s really important to be a step ahead of your competitors. By using videos you have the opportunity to show all advantages of your product or project. Add videos as a slide or as a background just with a few clicks. It’s extremely easy with WordPress video slider by MotoPress.

Create sliders optimized for different screensCreate Sliders Optimized for Different Screens

Easily create sliders with different types of content to be the most appropriate for various screen resolutions. Replace a huge video in desktop version with the lighter video format or even image for mobile phones, change positions of any content type to appear in the most proper way on different screens. Ensure to provide every website visitor with the slider in its best quality.

visual style builderVisual Style Builder

Get a handle on the slider styles with the totally beginner-friendly and professional style editor. Each style you create or choose from the predefined ones is available in the preview area. Using customizable presets you may save your early created and most used styles to apply with every next slider update. Forget about repetition work and customize every new object with ease.

Posts SliderPosts Slider

Spend more time on your personal life and less on routine website customization. Thanks to smart auto-embeds of your regular posts’ content into the slider you manage to significantly speed up the customization process and create a fancy quality slider with your major posts in the spotlight. That’s much less hassle with setting up individual slides. Check out the WordPress slider demo to see examples.

WooCommerce SliderWooCommerce Slider

Looking for an easy-to-use powerhouse for your online shop? Follow the example of the popular store brands and increase customer engagement with a slider solution to boost page views of the specific products. The new MotoPress WooCommerce slider allows you to do it fast through receiving the content for the slider from the already added WooCommerce items.


Your slider looks perfectly on any device and screen. This WordPress carousel plugin is well optimized even for touch devices, so it’ll be easy to attract new visitors with beautiful and stylish slides or an engaging WordPress slideshow gallery. The plugin is updated with new Retina-ready controls to ensure your texts and images look sharper and can be viewed in detail with absolute quality.


Open, set, and preview. Settings adjustment is as easy as one two three. Just create a slider, add a few slides, choose desired effects and hurray! A stylish slider for your WordPress theme is ready. This is the MotoPress Slider PRO WordPress users love.

Quick Backend AccessQuick Backend Access

Noticed any drawbacks when checking the slider on the live site or want to make a small improvement? Apply your edits after one-click redirection from the frontend right to the list of the slider toolkit in your WordPress dashboard. This enhancement helps you eliminate all frontend/backend back and forth moves and makes things easier.

Animation PreviewAnimation Preview

Animation as the simplest way to feature your main highlights in a dynamic and catchy manner became easier. Play around with each type of this feature in real-time thanks to Animation Preview handy option and adjust the slide transitions in a few minutes. We made sure the transition is smooth and looks awesome!

Snap to object toolAuto-Aligning Layers

The snap-to-object tool is literally your ‘glue’ for all slider elements. Easy as in Photoshop, this tool helps maximum precisely align all the needed slider objects automatically. With the mouse dragging ability you may adjust the content from posts, WooCommerce products or combine it with any additionally added text, tables, or uploaded files.

Duplicate Slider AbilityDuplicate Slider Ability

A critical resource for multiple sliders on the website. Get more ready patterns for any further slider in one click. The system will automatically generate a new shortcode with all the already applied changes, so your new slider is altered and ready much faster.

Smart Auto ControlsSmart Auto Controls

Get more options for the animation timing and intelligent lazy loads to ensure your slider is dynamic and outstanding. Thanks to such a slider your entire website looks more effective and smooth.

Integration with Content Editor PluginIntegration with Content Editor Plugin

The slider plugin with powerful and highly user-friendly MotoPress WordPress Editor is your full package of essential website functionality. Win your business niche easier by having a reliable WYSIWYG solution at hand.

GNU GPL-licensed productGNU GPL-licensed product

Open source is the future of transparent and productive web relationships. The MotoPress Slider plugin falls under GNU GPL License allowing you to modify the core code and release it as an absolutely different one.

updates and improvementsOn-going updates and improvements

Useful and quality product is not a destination, it’s a continuous process of regular fixes and enhancements. The MotoPress team techs keep an eye on the demands of the fast-growing web society and constantly modifies the slider plugin for the better.

Video Overview

Review by Kori Ashton from WebTegrity.

Review by Mark Zahra from WP Mayor.


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Motopress Slider 5/ 5stars

Simple plugin to user friendly plugin. Does what you need. The support on the product is fantastic, next level. Thanks Motopress

Motopress Slider 5/ 5stars

Motopress Slider easy to use great support.

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65 Replies to “WordPress Slider

  1. Hi,

    I wonder if you can help me please.

    Can you tell me what the release dates were for the below versions?


    1. Hi Simon,
      Thanks for your questions however we did not keep release dates for slider plugin unfortunately. Could you let us know why you need release dates for slider plugin?

  2. HelloDoes the motopress slider have language editing capabilities?And does RTL support? I want to language Arabic and RTL.

  3. Hi! I’m having a problem that my home page slider (that’s actually just a video) will not play on mobile. I’ve tried the different settings with no luck to achieve what I want which is to NOT show the video on mobile and only show an image. Any ideas on how to make this work?? The Motopress was included in a theme I purchased from TemplateMonster.

      1. Thanks for the info! I have tried that in the past but couldn’t figure out how to remove some of the extra functions like the black control button along the bottom. Do you have instructions on that? Isn’t there an option just to show a static image on Mobile and leave the video on main devices? That would be fine with me.

        1. Hi Jennifer,
          I’m sorry but I’m not quite sure I understand what black control button you mean. Could you email us the link where we can check it?
          You can duplicate main slider and adjust its copy for mobile devices. Then add both sliders next to each other on a page and configure there appearances to be displayed on desktop and mobile devices correspondingly.

  4. Hello i am having isues with the content feature section ,the slide in up effect doesnt work unless i press the f5
    only on specific screens(PC1280x800 and mac quad 27 inch) . is it a Css adjustment or is there something missing or conflict with jscript .

    1. Hi,
      Make sure you use latest version of slider 2.1.0. Also you can email us or submit a request as it is not quite sure what is exactly wrong there in your WordPress installation.

  5. How does the plugin know to load smaller videos for smaller devices or those on lower internet speeds? We are interested in showing a video on a homepage of a site that auto loads but dont want excess downloads or bandwidth issues.

  6. hi, may i know if your website provided this plugin without wordpress? I need to integrate it into customized website as we like your backend function.

  7. I disables my built in slider on smartcat theme but I can’t put it on top. How do I set the absolute position to top:0px and left:0px

  8. can we slide a video slide after finish video ?
    ‘Slideshow Delay’ in slider settings in time for all slides ( images and video ) of slider
    but we want video slide after finish video
    plzzz tell me solution

  9. Dont work for me! I can’t push the Create Slide button or any other buttons. And Yes, i use the latest version of the plugin.

    1. Hi,
      We are sorry but it would be more helpful if you provide exact version of the slide. Currently latest version is 2.0.0. If it is up to date and issue persists you can contact our support team. Thank you for understanding.

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Release Notes

2.3.1, Feb 1 2024

  • Improved compatibility with WordPress 6.4.

2.3.0, Apr 14 2023

  • Improved compatibility with PHP 8.

2.2.1, Oct 4 2021

  • Security - Fixed unescaped data.

2.2.0, Jan 18 2021

  • Improved compatibility with WordPress 5.6.
  • Improved compatibility with PHP 7.4.
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.


  • Improved compatibility with https
  • Updated the list of Google Fonts
  • Fixed the bug with WooCommerce random slides
  • Improvment: moving the object, it's moved to 10 px if the Shift key is held down
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements


  • Added the ability to set slider width and height for different screen sizes like desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile.
  • Added the ability to configure layer size, position and styles for each screen size.
    All these changes dramatically improve user's perception and overall readability of your slides. For example, you can set your slider to portrait view on mobile, completely re-arrange layers and make a text bigger. There is no need to duplicate the slider and its content anymore. An option of automatic layers positioning and sizing is still available.
  • Added the ability to hide a layer if a current screen width is less than set in layer options.
  • Added the ability to disable automatic resizing and positioning of the layer for different screen sizes.
  • Improved the user iterface. All layer options are now placed under separate tabs for better user experience.
  • Updated the list of animation easing.
  • Bug fix: fixed the issue with swipe navigation in Firefox.
  • Bug fix: fixed the issue with incorrect layer positioning if CSS transition style is applied to this layer.


  • Minor bugfixes and improvements


  • Fixed an issue with widget


  • Added the ability to create fullscreen sliders
  • Fixed an issue with WordPress 4.5


  • Added the ability to preview animation effects of the layer
  • Added the ability of quick access to slider settings from frontend
  • Added the ability to create a new slide from Edit slide screen
  • Added the ability to duplicate the layer
  • Improved SEO of the image layer
  • Improved positioning of the layers with snap to object feature


  • Meet Post and WooCommerce slider
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements


  • Fixed an issue with MsTemplate.html


  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.


  • Added a widget to display slider in widget areas
  • Fixed an issue with "WP Editor" plugin


  • Meet Style Editor. Customize layer styles right in the preview area. Create your custom styles or select from the predefined ones.
    You are free to edit font styles, borders, background, shadows etc. All styles are available both for normal and hover states.
  • Added the ability to preview slider from the working area.
  • Added the ability to select slider shortcode from the drop-down list in default WordPress editor.
  • New Fade and Slide-Down slider animations.
  • Added the ability to set easing and duration of the slide and layer animation.
  • New default automatic effect of the layer disappearance. Plugin will set end animation automatically depends on the start animation.
  • Added the ability to initialize slider when it appears in the page view area. For example, when you place slider in the middle of the page and want to start it when the user scrolls down the page.
  • Added the ability to set slider initialization delay.
  • Added next and previous controls to the working area for better navigation between slides.
  • Added new column to sliders and slides list with the visibility information.
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.
  • Code is licensed under GPL.


  • Added the ability to show slider on certain devices/screen sizes
  • New Swipe navigation. Works both on desktop and touch devices
  • New Slider settings interface with the ability to hide certain controls
  • New retina ready controls
  • Added the ability to set slider custom class and custom styles


  • Improved performance
  • Rebuilt and improved Video Layers
  • Added the ability to Export and Import Slider content
  • Added the ability to set link to Image Layer
  • Added the ability to move and delete Layer with the keyboard
  • New Slide settings interface
  • Added the ability to set Slide Status (Published/Draft)
  • Added the ability to set link to Slide
  • Added the ability to set date of Slide visibility
  • Added the ability to show slide to registered users only
  • Added the ability to set custom CSS class and ID for Slide
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect width in full-width mode
  • Fixed an issue with slideshow and Layer hide effect
  • Fixed an issue with external links and ssl mode
  • Improved integration with Content Editor plugin


  • Bug fix: fixed issue with background video


  • Added the ability to use YouTube, Vimeo and HTML5 video in a layer
  • Added the ability to use video in the background
  • Added the ability to use color gradient in the background


  • Minor bugfixes


  • Release