WordPress Schedule Plugin for Events

Free WordPress Schedule plugin will help you create a clean-looking calendar of events with custom column names, details, event head avatars and background colors. A user-friendly toolkit is provided - add your events, configure settings and your timetable is ready.
WordPress Schedule Plugin

WordPress Schedule Plugin Highlights

WordPress Schedule Plugin responsive designResponsive Design

WordPress Timetable plugin provides your audience with a proper tablet and mobile viewing of the timetable and upcoming events widgets.

It offers you more freedom of responsive design customization implemented by two alternatives: you can set it to either standard table view or responsive modern list view for mobiles. This setting can be applied in the timetable shortcode.

WordPress Schedule Plugin custom categoriesToolkit of Shortcode Settings

The timetable schedule toolkit doesn’t require any cross-functional or coding skills.

Timetable responsive schedule for WordPress added via TinyMCE is supplied with parameters to help you maximum adjust the timetable to your needs and website design. Each set is accompanied with sufficient clarifications to ensure you coordinate and edit your events fast without additional help.

WordPress Schedule Plugin various menu designsFull Control of Event Parameters

WordPress scheduling plugin works perfectly for various classes, trainings, workshops, conferences, formal parties, concerts, non-profits, and nearly any other type of event as a set of event details for the timetable is rather universal. Using the WP schedule plugin, you can edit the needed parameters your visitors expect to see while searching for the needed event: title, subtitle, time, event head, images, detailed event description, and time slots (if there are many for one event).

WordPress Schedule Plugin import|export menu itemsWordPress Schedule Plugin Easy Event Filtering

The search results can be easily refined using the filters by events. The functionality of the plugin allows you to apply two filter styles: tabs to show all events at a time or drop-down list. The site visitors can easily filter the timetable to display the only events they are interested in. It’s very reliable in terms of navigation and guarantees the website visitors good times.

unlimited delicious imagesUpcoming Events

The Upcoming events widget helps to keep the sidebar of your site clutter-free and to present all the future events in a stylish and elegant list style. It’ll duplicate design settings of the actual timetable, but will look more compact. The widget is entirely hidden when no upcoming events are scheduled. This feature increases the usability of the timetable and helps to guide the site visitors faster.

helpful widgetsPowerful Schedule Functionality

Ease of navigation, fast-loading events and clean design are key factors able to increase a happy user experience; a lot of shortcode options ensure that your timetable runs so and is customized the way you want. For example, you can manually adjust the row height to size the timetable according to the number of events and information output into one event cell, link particular events to external websites, and even automatically export/import timetable data during backup or changing hosting.

sell food and beverages onlineFlexible Timeframes of WordPress Schedule Plugin

The left ‘time’ column can show up to 15 minutes accurate time apart from standard hourly and half-hourly time frames. It lets you make the timetable more visually balanced and attractive depending on the number of events and row height set within the shortcode. If any unexpected delays or changes take place, your timetable can bend easily in one direction or another thanks to a couple of quick time edits in the shortcode settings.

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Integrated with MotoPress BuilderProfessional Support

If you believe the timetable lacks any necessary feature, give us this good food for thought. Our professionals want to improve the plugin in terms of essential functionality and of course solve all possible problems along the way. The process starts simple, contact our support representatives and they won’t you keep waiting. The plugin is fully compatible with MotoPress WordPress Page Builder and also with WordPress Slider.

WordPress Schedule plugin FAQ

Does it work on mobile phones?

Yes, Timetable & Event Schedule plugin is fully responsive, and will be perfectly displayed on all devices – PC, Tablet, phone. There are two possible views – standard cell view, or modern list view for mobiles. Choose whatever you want by simply inserting the correspondent shortcode.

Is it possible to book an appointment directly from your WordPress site?

Free Timetable & Event Schedule plugin enables you to display various upcoming events with detailed description and certain time frames. Your guests will be able to view the scheme, and, if needed, call you and book the place, but do not book an appointment directly.

Can I customize the visual appearance of each event cell?

Yes. You can play with colors and set various pallets within one timetable. Tie some specific colors to a certain event. This helps visualize and structure the whole appearance of the timetable, and creates better UX.

Can visitors alter the event details?

Each event can be changed only by admin manually on the admin panel.

Download Demo Content (xml). You may also read users’ reviews of this popular WordPress Schedule Plugin on WordPress.org and download the product there.


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181 Replies to “Timetable & Event Schedule

  1. Great plugin! Made a wonderful schedule with it, but the widget says: no events found. Tried to let it display just 1 event category but still: no events found. What is going wrong?

    1. Hi Esther,
      Thank you for your feedback. Please check the Columns posts you added and make sure you have selected proper Days of week for each column type option.

  2. I love this plugin. The way how it creates a standard print looking timetable is lovely. I love how it’s based on days and doesn’t restrict you to dates like others, which makes it ideal for weekly recurring events.

    I can’t figure out why some events show in the “Upcoming”, while others don’t.

    I would love to see an upgrade that auto adds “social share” to the event pages.

    1. Hi Nigel,
      Thank you for your feedback and shared experience. As for Upcoming events so this may depend on Column type. You should check all your Columns and make sure there is selected Day type selected.
      As for share buttons so there are quite a lot of plugin that adds share buttons to pages, posts and custom post types (events).

      We would also appreciate if you review plugin by this link

  3. I think i have a bug, (tested on 2 German-Wordpress Sites), the Time is correct demure in the WordPress Config Site. After the Event is gone, the Event (Time 19:00) in the Widget (“All upcoming Events”) is still displayed (after 22:00 and 23:00).

      1. Sorry i have say in my first post, if i set in UTC is the same. Alle Upcoming Events only leave the Day is over. But the Event is from 7.00 – 19.00 a clock.

  4. A nice plugin, have most of the features I needed.
    I am having a problem loading the timetable with a Theme that use AJAX tho.
    when I refresh the page manually the timetable shows as it should but when I click on link or menu for the timetable page which the theme load the content via AJAX, the table won’t show. all the table elements have style=”display:none;” and I think the js remove the style for the first table with an id of “#all” on document ready the problem is this is loaded with ajax so no on document ready even will fire.
    can you suggest where to start so the plugin can support ajax theme.

    1. Could you provide example of schedules? Also could you try to disable filter by events or change the way of filter from drop down to tabs for example.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply.
        I have tried setting “Filter events style” from Dropdown to Tabs and None but that doesn’t work. The problem is with the plugin functions.js and or event.js script not running on ajax content load.
        when I remove the style=”display:none;” from action-shortcode-functions.php on line 103, multiple tables will be shown for each “Event category” which are listed in the filter dropdown menu. now the JavaScript task was to hide all the other tables other than the active “Event category” from the dropdown menu.

        ps I didn’t understand what you mean by example of schedules. The time table shows fine, this is just a problem with ajax loading.

          1. Is it some custom theme installed on your WordPress? Is there option to disable ajax page preloading within theme preferences?

          2. yes its a custom theme and there is option to disable the ajax and with ajax disabled the timetable work just like any other none ajax theme because every page is loaded as if manually loading the page.
            as a temporary fix, its not really a fix but in action-shortcode-functions.php on line 103 i change the
            “style=”display:none” to
            if($post != ‘all’) {echo ‘style=”display:none;’;}
            At least now, even on ajax load it show the first table(#all) but without the filtering capability and also I think some css is missing because some cells overlap on mouse over.

            ps you won’t see the change on the demo site, I am trying it locally

  5. Hey.
    I found an error when I add a link to the event description and save it. After that, the link changes from < a href="/team/elena/" rel="nofollow"> Elena </a> to <a> Elena </a>. I hope, the code will be displayed here normally. If not, try to explain otherwise. When you save single or double quotes, a backslash is automatically added to the description field.

  6. Hello, first of all, thank you very much for this plugin, it is very useful!

    I am trying to import the xlm with the events exported from another WordPress installation but, although it does not give any errors, only imports the first column (Monday) and no more columns or events matter.

    The xml seems to be fine. Do you know what may be happening?

    Thank you!

    R. Marcos

    1. Hello Rodrigo,
      Thank you for contacting us. Probably the import is not possible due to low execution time set up on your server. You may send your XML file to our support team to test it locally.

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