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Instead of dozens of plugins use all in one solution – best WordPress slider by MotoPress.
This plugin is all you need for creating beautiful slideshows, smooth transitions, effects and animations.
Easy navigation, intuitive interface and responsive layout. Just grab and slide!

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1 year updates and support

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MotoPress Slider requires a minimum of WordPress 3.5 and PHP 5.3+. Products are subject to a yearly license for support and updates. View license terms.

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Your slider looks perfectly on any device and screen. Plugin is well optimized even for touch devices, so it’ll be easy to attract new visitors with beautiful and stylish slides or an engaging WordPress slideshow gallery. The plugin is updated with new Retina ready controls to ensure your texts and images look sharper and can be viewed in details with absolute quality.


Animated Layers

Do you want to add text, link, images or video to each slide? MotoPress Slider is an ideal tool for this. Even if you are eager to independently animate each layer – everything is possible with this both compelling and simple to use plugin.



Open, set and preview. Settings adjustment is as easy as one two three. Just create a slider, add a few slides, choose desired effects and hurray! Stylish slider for your WordPress theme is ready.

video slider

Youtube, Vimeo and HTML5 self-hosted Videos

It’s really important to be on the step ahead of your competitors. By using videos you have the opportunity to show all advantages of your product or project. Add videos as a slide or as a background just with a few clicks. It’s extremely easy with WordPress video slider by MotoPress.

visual style builder

Visual Style Builder

Get a handle on the slider styles with the totally beginner-friendly and professional style editor. Each style you create or choose from the predefined ones is available in the preview area. Using customizable presets you may save your early created and most used styles to apply with every next slider update. Forget about repetition work and customize every new object with ease.

Posts Slider

Posts Slider

Spend more time on your personal life and less on the routine website customization. Thanks to smart auto-embeds of your regular posts’ content into the slider you manage to significantly speed up the customization process and create a fancy quality slider with your major posts in the spotlight. That’s much less hassle with setting up individual slides.

WooCommerce Slider

WooCommerce Slider

Looking for an easy-to-use powerhouse for your online shop? Follow the example of the popular store brands and increase customer engagement with a slider solution to boost page views of the specific products. The new MotoPress WooCommerce slider allows to do it fast through receiving the content for slider from the already added WooCommerce items.

Quick Backend Access

Quick Backend Access

Noticed any drawbacks when checking the slider on the live site or want to make a small improvement? Apply your edits after one-click redirection from the frontend right to the list of the slider toolkit in your WordPress dashboard. This enhancement helps you eliminate all frontend/backend back and forth moves and makes things easier.

Create sliders optimized for different screens

Create Sliders Optimized for Different Screens

Easily create sliders with different types of content to be the most appropriate for various screen resolutions. Replace a huge video in desktop version with the lighter video format or even image for mobile phones, change positions of any content type to appear in the most proper way on different screens. Ensure to provide every website visitor with the slider in its best quality.

Animation Preview

Animation Preview

Animation as the simplest way to feature your main highlights in a dynamic and catchy manner became easier. Play around with each type of this feature in real time thanks to Animation Preview handy option and adjust the slide transitions in a few minutes. We made sure the transition is smooth and looks awesome!

Snap to object tool

Auto-Aligning Layers

Snap to object tool is literally your ‘glue’ for all slider elements. Easy as in Photoshop, this tool helps maximum precisely align all the needed slider objects automatically. With the mouse dragging ability you may adjust the content from posts, WooCommerce products or combine it with any additionally added text or uploaded files.

Duplicate Slider Ability

Duplicate Slider Ability

Critical resource for multiple sliders on the website. Get more ready patterns for any further slider in one click. The system will automatically generate a new shortcode with all the already applied changes, so your new slider is altered and ready much faster.

Smart Auto Controls

Smart Auto Controls

Get more options for the animation timing and intelligent lazy loads to ensure your slider is dynamic and outstanding. Thanks to such a slider your entire website looks more effective and smooth.

Integration with Content Editor Plugin

Integration with Content Editor Plugin

The slider plugin with powerful and highly user-friendly MotoPress WordPress Editor is your full package of essential website functionality. Win your business niche easier having a reliable WYSIWYG solution at hand.

GNU GPL-licensed product

GNU GPL-licensed product

Open source is the future of transparent and productive web relationships. The MotoPress Slider plugin falls under GNU GPL License allowing you to modify the core code and release it as absolutely different one.

updates and improvements

On-going updates and improvements

Useful and quality product is not a destination, it’s a continuous process of regular fixes and enhancements. The MotoPress team techs keep an eye on the demands of the fast-growing web society and constantly modifies the slider plugin for the better.

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We want to make our product better, so will be glad to receive your feedback and improve MotoPress specially for you! Leave a message below, make your voice heard!

  • Corey James

    The licensing is too restrictive for this price. The same can be said for Motopress, which is why I have it, but don’t use it. I won’t be renewing. I should have read the terms first.
    You should really make this stuff stand alone. You are building on a GPL script (WordPress) without following the clear rules laid down by the creator.
    Without WordPress you and a lot of companies wouldn’t even exist.

    • Hi Corey,
      Thank you for contacting us.
      Even without license renewal you can continue use the plugin, it will work, you only won’t get support and updates. Moreover, License renewal is 50% off of the full price, so for Slider it’ll be $9 only. We really appreciate your feedback, could you be more specific and explain whey the licensing is to restrictive for you?
      A huge thank you in advance!

  • Ainal Haque

    Very slow. My browser hanging when I am trying to use this demo.

    • Hi Ainal, thank you for your feedback, we do our best to improve the plugin, and it’ll be more quick in the next release.

  • I have a suggestion for the Slider. It’d be nice to have the option of the end user being able to turn audio on and off. Think about video in Facebook. They click it to activate it. Just a thought.

    • Hi Damon, thank you for your thoughts. We’ll gladly discuss your suggestions via email, but don’t know yours 🙂 Could you contact us so we can consider the proposed slider options and the possible ones. Really appreciate your feedback! Thank you in advance.

      • Barbara Whitbread

        I agree with the poster – noone wants to open a page and have audio just start. I hate websites that start audio without my permission. What if you are on your smartphone in a meeting? Yikes! This has happened to me too many times. So many reasons it is bad to not let the user choose when and if to run with audio.

        • Hi,
          Thank you for your feedback. We’ll increase the priority of this request. Have a nice day.

  • Tim Kane

    Hi. I am considering Purchasing your product. One question.

    I’m stuck with this website project (

    On the front page,my client wants to make the photos inside the image placeholder Larger and fit the entire image area with a text link over the image.

    Would your product allow that on the Apprise theme?

    • Hi Tim,

      You can use Content Editor plugin to re-create your front page and build other pages visually. There is no widget with the image and link over it, but you can use other widgets with similar functionality.

  • Hi!
    Does MotoPress Slider have a demo to try, like MotoPress content editor? I did not find a demo button to ‘try it’. Thanks.

    • Hi Filipe,
      Demo is here

      You can find “MotoPress Slider” menu button on the left side.

  • Alix Silva

    can i create thumbnails? for example i want to put an image into my first slide that links to another slide?

    • You can put an image into your first slide and link it to any URL. Unfortunately you can’t make a link to another slider in the current version.

  • Jukka Jumisko

    I’m working on a site It has your plugin and video sliders work well in Chrome and Firefox but not in Safari using Mac? Can you help?

  • Gea Suarez Bing

    Hola…no puedo verlo en celular, es por algo en particular? Gracias

    • Hi Gea,
      Probably you hid slider for mobile devices within Slider Appearance settings. We would recommend to submit a request to our support team describing your question more detailed.

      • Gea Suarez Bing

        Pude resolverlo, sucede que habia definido tamaño, al quitar eso lo vi sin problemas, gracias.

  • Gea Suarez Bing

    Hola! hay forma de definir que no se reinicie? es decir que pase y quede en la ultima, sin que vuelva a comenzar? Gracias.

  • Where do I find my license key? My client purchased it for me to install on her site. I have it installed and seems to be working fine, but want to input the license key as it says I need it to automatic plugin updates and support.

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  • Cyndy

    v 1.2.3 is not working. I have a site due to clients today and I was told to contact you for an older version. I need a fix immediately. It may sound terse but I’ve never let a client down and I don’t want to now because your plugin isn’t working. Please address.

    • Hi Cyndy,
      We have released 1.3.3 version of MotoPress Slider plugin and it is fully compatible with WordPress 4.5. Please update your plugin to the latest version.

  • Démian FREAU

    Hey, i already got the licence, but i dont know how to install the plugin.. can you help me ? Thanks

    • Hi Demian,
      Yes, sure. You can submit a request to our technical department and our agents will guide you with pleasure.

  • Keeton

    Does this slider provide the parallax effect?

    • Hi Keeton,
      There is no option to create a parallax type of background using MotoPress Slider plugin. Thank you for your feedback.

  • Hi Alfonso,
    Currently you can build another slider adjusted for mobile devices, place it under main slider and set visibility for mobile devices only. Do not forget to hide main slider for devices with small screen size.

    But we also are working on the next version of slider where you will be able to switch screen modes of a single slider and replace the layers according to screen mode mobile, tablet, desktop.

  • Nia

    I have a license code for the pro version (that I bought with a premium theme) but I can’t see where I download the plugin? Via WordPress, I can only get the Lite version and I can’t put the license key in anywhere. Please help.

  • Nia

    Hi, I bought the pro version of the slider with a WordPress template. Where do I download the plugin? I can only see the Lite version while searching for it within WordPress. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Hi Nia,
      You can get you product and license at your MotoPress account. If you do not have password you can retrieve it using your email.

  • Ralf Abele

    Hi, I’ve installed MotoPress Slider with a bought template in WordPress 4.6.1. Everything looks fine in frontend but when I try to edit single slides of MotoPress Slider in Backend it won’t show anything else as the spinning wheels. When I reload the page with opened FireBug there are Javascript errors showing from MotoPress Slider. Is there a problem with WordPress 4.6.1? The Plugin is version 1.1.4

    • Hi Ralf,
      Current latest version of Slider is 1.3.4 and you should activate license to get it. Please update plugin to fix the issue.

      • Ralf Abele

        Thank you very much – that solved the problem 🙂

  • Alejandro Bechara

    Hello, im currently considering to buy the slider but im having some issues: First of all, there are some configurations that doesnt apply when i try them, like the transitions, or the animations.
    The other thing is, between slides theres a moment when i only see the background color, in my case, white. I really dont like that, but with the free version i cant make the transitions work.

    Is this a problem of the free version or what?

    • Hi Alejandro,
      The issues you described look strange as we have never experienced it before. Make sure you use latest version of plugin. Also you can submit a request and we’ll test plugin at your WordPress. It should work perfectly even at Lite version of plugin too.

  • Anatoly

    I buy theme on Templatemonster.
    With MotoPress Slider.

    But it don’t work:

    Help, please, fix this bug.

    • Hi Anatoly,
      You use out of date version of slider. Please activate your slider license to be able to update the plugin successfully. if you have difficulties with plugin update you can submit a request to our support team.

  • Aleksej Dom

    Dont work for me! I can’t push the Create Slide button or any other buttons. And Yes, i use the latest version of the plugin.

    • Hi,
      We are sorry but it would be more helpful if you provide exact version of the slide. Currently latest version is 2.0.0. If it is up to date and issue persists you can contact our support team. Thank you for understanding.

      • Aleksej Dom

        sorry, yes i use the version of 2.0.0 and i have the conflict.

        • Hi,
          We kindly ask you to submit a request to our support team. We need to have a closer look at it.

  • Where are the dimensions for the slider?

    • Hi,
      You can find dimensions at Slider Settings > Size and activate devices you need.

  • Rakesh Kumar

    can we slide a video slide after finish video ?
    ‘Slideshow Delay’ in slider settings in time for all slides ( images and video ) of slider
    but we want video slide after finish video
    plzzz tell me solution

    • Hi,
      The video should be added as a layer. Also try to enable autoplay.

  • Mando

    I disables my built in slider on smartcat theme but I can’t put it on top. How do I set the absolute position to top:0px and left:0px

    • Hi Mando,
      Our technical support team need to have a closer look at your theme. Please submit a request providing all required details.

  • JUN

    hi, may i know if your website provided this plugin without wordpress? I need to integrate it into customized website as we like your backend function.

    • Hi,
      This is WordPress plugin. This slider can be used at WordPress website only. We also have slider module for PrestaShop CMS