License Activation

License activation is required for getting automatic notifications about new version release. Please follow these easy steps to activate the plugin successfully:

  • copy license key from message you received after plugin purchase (it can be found also at your account)
  • go to your WordPress > MotoPress > License and paste the license key tho the proper field
  • click save button and then activate and license should be activated

4 Replies to “License Activation”

  1. running redwoods, purchased a week ago but says license isn’t valid. Go to update plugin and won’t because it’s already installed. deactivate and activate multiple times, try keys. Won’t activate license or content editor. Contact support. Nothing. Repeat. Contact support again. Nothing. “Contact now” on slider goes no where. Now I’m days behind…

    1. Hi Scott,
      Thank you for contacting us. We are sorry you faced difficulties activating plugin license. We have found a request from you in our ticket system. Please check your email with a reply from our agent and do not hesitate to reply back.

  2. Hi, I am running Emmet theme and I purchased the Motopress Content Editor. There is no tab for “license number” on the wordpress dashboard, only the tabs “Content Editor” and “Settings”. How do I activate the full plugin?


    1. Hello Charlie,
      MotoPress Content Editor plugin is integrated into Emmet Theme by default. There is exclusive Pro version without license activation. Make sure you activated license key of Emmet Theme to get automatic updates either for theme and for visual builder plugin.
      Please email us to discuss the extra purchase of content editor plugin.

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