In order to add your custom template of post view in the Grid widget you should use action mp_library and add template to $template[‘list’] property. Example of code:

function extendPostGridTemplate($motopressCELibrary) {
    // get Post Grid from the library
    $postGridObj = &$motopressCELibrary->getObject(MPCEShortcode::PREFIX . 'posts_grid');
    if ($postGridObj) {
        $template = &$postGridObj->getParameter('template');
        // add custom template to the list
        $template['list']['themes/twentythirteen/template.php'] = __('Template name', 'domain');
add_action('mp_library', 'extendPostGridTemplate', 11, 1);

The examples of existing templates can be found on /wp-content/plugins/motopress-content-editor/includes/ce/shortcodes/post_grid/templates folder.

After you add custom template it will be available at Post Grid settings panel



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