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    Jared Rice

    Noticed your search buttons on your demos are different than the version I purchased. Could you instruct me how to customize or change the buttons.

    J. Davis

    Hi Jared,

    The styles of the plugin depends on your theme. You can add custom styles to modify buttons, etc. You should be experienced in CSS for this.
    Or select a theme where you like how buttons look like and use it.

    Best regards,

    Jason Swain

    Hi John,

    I also have this issue. I have some experience with CSS. Some.
    I am using divi and custom button styles but ugly buttons are coming through..
    Which CSS file in the plugin holds the button styles?
    assets > css > ?

    Do I need to create a new element in my child theme and implement it in the plugin CSS?

    Appreciate your time.

    J. Davis

    Hi Jason,

    The plugin uses styles of your theme so you should refer to your theme documentation to learn where style.css is located.
    Also you can try to edit button style via Restaurant Menu>Settings>Styles.

    Best regards,

    Tamas Fenyvesi

    Dear John,
    i have the same problem. You mentioned that the hotel booking plugin uses the style of button of the current theme. Now motopress search bar has the style like this in my site:

    proba oldal

    And in divi there is no any button that has this style (grey, old design)…moreover i changed the button in the divi style customizer and nothing happened with the booking plugin.

    So please help me how can i make my design something like this:

    PLease help me to create this whole design of availablity bar (without images) , not just the button style… So i want this same horizontal arrangement with the icons and fonts style and button!

    Thanks in advance!

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    J. Davis

    Hi Tamas,

    It seems like there are not added default styles for fields/forms (input type) in Divi theme. You can face it with other plugins like contact forms – e.g. I found videos and ready CSS solutions provided by Divi customers to customize form to fit other form plugins.

    Usually theme developers add default styling to the forms and plugins so that forms from other plugins could inherit those styles to look naturally with particular design. If we add predefined styles to the search form (for example make the corners rounded and color the button in red or green but in your template there are used not rounded corner forms and it is blue colored) it may simply look weird. That’s why we made the styles of plugin form to be inherited from the theme design, color scheme, etc.
    If you switch to other theme (for example 2017, 2016, etc.) just to test the case you might found that it will look depending on a theme if there are added standard form styles.

    We’ll keep this case in mind to provide some solution for this type of theme in future.

    As for horizontal form layout so it is another question not related to button style. We’ll review this query to provide option to select between vertical and horizontal layout while adding a search form. Thank you for your feedback.

    At the moment you can get our Extended Support offer and we’ll assist you to style the forms like at one of our themes (Oceanica or Villagio)

    Best regards,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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