Affiliate Partnership Agreement

A partnership agreement is a form of agreement between two organizations (companies), which regulates the receipt of commissions by the partner for the fact that users go to the website of a partner to buy goods and services on it.

When the company notices the purchases made through the dedicated links (affiliate links) of the partner, the latter receives the agreed percentage of the sale. This document regulates the process of receiving commissions and the amount of affiliate payment.


This document does not require the partner’s signature. It is posted on the company’s website for reference and acceptance prior to registration in the affiliate program and receiving affiliate commissions according to the affiliate program policies.

Affiliate Partners

To register in our affiliate program, it’s required to fill in the form on our website providing the following data:

  • Affiliate partner name.
  • Affiliate partner website URL.
  • Affiliate partner email address.
  • Affiliate partner’s resources for MotoPress products promo.

If accepted in the MotoPress affiliate program, we’ll give you access to your personal affiliate account within 48 hours.

Affiliate Program Limits

All affiliate partners are required to use valid marketing methods to promote MotoPress products. A registered and accepted affiliate partner is not paid the stated affiliate commissions in case he or she uses blackhat promotional techniques, including spamming or sending unwanted emails to customers, as well as other false or misleading marketing activities.

Affiliate partners are eligible for commissions in case:

  • A new user visits the MotoPress website and makes a purchase.
  • A new purchase is made via the affiliate link (an affiliate link contains an ID of the affiliate partner).
  • A referral link is posted on the page containing relevant promotional content.

We reserve the right to alter or terminate the affiliate partnership with the partners that we find out to make profits from false or misleading marketing activities.

Affiliate Rules

Affiliate partners receive 30% commission on all sales made through valid referral affiliate links.

Benefits of our affiliate program:

  • The affiliate commissions are paid within 90 days from the purchase though the affiliate links. MotoPress customers have the right for refunds, hence the period.
  • Sending traffic to the affiliate partner’s website.
  • 30% commission on all sales made through affiliate links.

In order to receive a payment through the affiliate links, customers of the affiliate partners must visit the MotoPress website for the first time (namely, there must not be any indication of the visit prior to using the referral link with the affiliate ID).

To register in the MotoPress affiliate program, fill in the form.