Emmet – Free Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Clean and responsive WordPress theme with a professional design created for corporate and portfolio websites. Emmet comes packaged with page builder and is fully integrated with WordPress Customizer.

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  • License: GPLv2
  • WordPress: 4.0+
  • PHP: 5.3+
  • *It could be also installed via your WordPress Dashboard

Purchase Emmet Pro to have access to the following features:

  • Priority updates and support
  • MotoPress Content Editor Pro plugin (save $29)
  • Ability to change text in the footer
  • Ability to add unlimited Feature sections
  • Ability to display or hide header and footer
  • Ability to use video in the header
One time payment. Unlimited updates. 1 year of support.

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The offer includes:

  • All Emmet Pro Features (see below)
  • Visual Builder worth $29, included for free
  • Managed Hosting worth $119, included for free
  • Demo Content Installation worth $49, included for free
  • Domain Name worth $12, included for free
  • Unlimited Storage for media and more

Purchase for $9.90 *

* Plan price starts from $9.90 per month and billed annually. The service is provided by our Themecloud partners.

One-click installation technology allows you to get stylish corporate website with demo content, built-in plugins, domain name and hosting in seconds. The simplicity of this process helps you to run your business extremely fast and effortlessly, so you are able to concentrate on your goals and not on technical issues. Just three simple steps: subscribe, choose domain, pay and your website is online.

front page customizer

Customizable Front Page

Full control over the front page sections. Fill any content block with your texts, update links and graphics in any content block. This customization process is performed visually via the WordPress Customizer and doesn’t require technical expertise.

responsive design


Your content automatically adapts to any screen size and looks great on all devices. Your text is readable without additional scrolling, the images look sharp and navigation is smooth, providing satisfying user experience for every website visitor. All content elements can be easily enlarged and previewed in close-up details.

shift or hide front page sections

Shift or Hide Front Page Sections

Get more freedom for the front page customization. You can easily change the positions of any content block or entirely hide the unneeded ones. All the tweaks are made visually via WordPress Customizer requring no technical help.

visual page builder

Drag and Drop WordPress Editor

This WordPress Visual Builder is a feature-rich website frontend builder that works on intuitive drag-and-drop functionality and is supplied with numerous necessary built-in content elements. It’s much handier than default WordPress editor as it will help you build a multifunctional website totally visually.

unlimited colors

Unlimited Colors

Personalize your site with favourite or brand colors. Simply choose from 4 predefined color schemes with complementary colors or apply your own ones using color picker. You may update the color of header text, background, website text, accent (typically used for titles and calls-to-action), accent hover, and sub-menu hover to make your site really colorful and unique.

multipurpose content blocks

Multipurpose Content Blocks

The theme offers a full range of in-demand content blocks to properly establish your online presence. You can display your projects in Portfolio section, present offerings in Pricing tables, introduce the stuff in a Team section, put Newsletter form, edit Testimonials section, set Contact form, and adjust Google map to show you location.

compatible with woocommerce, bbpress and buddypress

Compatible with WooCommerce, bbPress and BuddyPress

This feature makes it easy for you to extend the possibilities of your site in terms of usability and functionality. Easily handle interaction activities with bbPress, create online store installing WooCommerce, or add any other content element with MotoPress drag-and-drop WordPress editor. Works perfectly with WordPress Slider by MotoPress.

classic and grid blog layouts

Classic and Grid Blog Layouts

Emmet theme includes both classic and masonry blog layouts. Depending on your content and requirements, it’s easy to place all content elements in the best optimal position using any of 4available blog layouts: masonry, with sidebar, full-width, or two columns.

video in header

Video in Header (Pro)

Make the header of your site more trendy and informative with a background video. Simply go to Big title section in the WordPress Customizer and replace a default image with a dynamic video to catch visitors’ attention and keep them interested right after landing on the front page.

unlimited feature sections

Unlimited Feature Sections (Pro)

Add as many Feature blocks as needed to let the site visitors immediately understand your values. Each feature is displayed in its individual block under Features Block sections similarly to ‘WordPress Customizer. You have a full freedom to put any type of information within these sections.

Take full control over your website by using theme features:

  • Unlimited colors
  • Landing page template
  • Sticky menu
  • Support of different post formats
  • Pricing Tables
  • Team and Portfolio
  • Contact Form
  • Subscription Form
  • Google Map

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We want to make our product better, so will be glad to receive your feedback and improve MotoPress specially for you! Leave a message below, make your voice heard!

  • Chelsey

    The Front Page customizer pulls up an error. Therefore I can’t customize the theme. Suggestions?

    • Hi Chelsey,
      If you have any issues we recommend to submit request to our support team as we can not check your case without testing your WordPress. Thank you for understanding.

  • Hi Tatjana,
    Try to remove it an install latest lite version 1.4.0. If it is not helpful submit a request to our tech support.
    If you face any difficulties with the theme we ask you to submit a request directly to support team instead of posting it here.

  • Adrián Bartanus

    Hi team. I would like to ask if there is a way to change/move the blocks of the theme. I mean, if I want to move the google map widget, lets say before the testimonials etc. Or if I need the contact form 3rd from the beginning but not at the bottom of the page. Thank you.

    • Hi Adrián,
      Yes, since 1.4.1 version of Emmet theme you have an ability to set the order of each section at the Customizable Front Page.

      • Adrián Bartanus

        Thank you found it 🙂 If it is not a problem a I have another question 🙂 Is it possible to change the background image separately for every block of the page? For example if I change the background image its shown as a background in the contact form and the same image in different blocks…I would like to add more images as backgrounds…

        • Hi Adrián,
          You can not do that within theme preferences. You can do that by creating a child theme and editing each section file there.

  • Thanks for this amazing theme! Its the only theme I’ve come across that gets customization right.

    • Hi,
      Thank you for your positive review. We’re happy you like the theme and will keep working to enhance it for you. Have a nice day.

  • Abhishek Kaswan

    I want to use Slider at Place of Header Background Imgage and also want to change other Background Images in Theme what I can do

    • Hi,
      There is option to enable MotoPress Slider at Big Title Section in the Customizer. We recommend to put technical questions into our forum

  • Amilton Candido

    Hi. Great theme, i love! How to change the labels of Contact form? I’m brazilian and i need to change to my language. Thank’s!

  • Abhik Mandal

    Hi, My menu doesn’t seem to work when viewport is changed. When I tap on the menu in small screen it doesn’t open up. Please help.

    • Hi,
      Please describe your question more detailed and submit it to MotoPress support team. Screenshots are appreciated.

  • Sheldon John

    I’ve been using the emmet lite theme for awhile in WordPress and I can’t seem to figure out how to change the background color for a page. I wanted to add some color instead of it all being just white.

    • Hi Sheldon,
      Currently you can modify background color of the pages by editing style. For this you need to create a Child Theme or use form for custom code at MotoPress Settings. Please contact our support team to get more information and leave a detailed feedback.

  • Antonio Viscido

    Hi, I would like to add 10 portfolios, but I get only 8 of them in the front page. Can you help me?
    Thank you, great theme! 🙂

    • Hi Antonio, follow these steps:
      1. Update “Emmet Theme Engine” plugin to the version 1.2.5 (just released for you)
      2. Download child theme if you don’t have one at the top of this page
      3. Open functions.php file in the child theme and add this code

      add_filter ('mp_emmet_portfolio_posts_per_page', 'my_theme_portfolio_posts_per_page');
      function my_theme_portfolio_posts_per_page() {
      return 10;

      4. Activate child theme, preview

      • Antonio Viscido

        Thank you a lot, I’ll try it immediatly! 🙂

      • Antonio Viscido

        Thanks, it works! Now I have only to find the way to put them on two rows of 5 elements each. 🙂

        • In the style.css of your child theme add this code

          .portfolio-list .portfolio-box {
          width: 20%;
          .portfolio-list .portfolio-box:nth-child(6n-1) {
          clear: none;
          .portfolio-list .portfolio-box:nth-child(7n-1) {
          clear: both;

          • Antonio Viscido

            Thank you sooooooo much! 🙂

  • Antonio Viscido

    First of all, thank you a lot for your great support. I have a last question: I would like to have a single portfolio page without sidebar, without search widget, no meta. I’ve tried to take them off, but they are stiil there. How can I do it? Thank you a lot! 🙂

  • Ashf

    Theme itself is basically looks nice but just “select” element mobile menu is lame in this era. isn’t it better to builtin off canvas menu or option to integrate 3rd party menu plugins?

    • Hi,
      Thank you for your suggestion. We’ll keep it in mind. Currently you can apply custom menus by child theme installation.

  • Hi,
    If you want to embed custom Contact Form to Customizable Front page you should use widget or shortcode. It depends on the plugin you use. Unfortunately the information you provided does not allow me to provide exact solution. You can submit a request describing all the details of your question.

  • Andy

    Hi guys,

    First of all, thank you for the great work!

    I am trying to hide the sidebar in a WooCommerce page. However, even when you hide it in the Options, there is still a white space on the right of the page, so that the content doesn’t flow into there. Looks ugly.

    What do we write in the child theme’s style.css to hide it completely?
    I tried:

    .woocommerce #sidebar { display: none; }

    .woocommerce #content { width: 100%; }

    .site-main .main-container .clearfix { width: 100%; }

    However, nothing seems to work. Could you please drop me a line here? Thanks in advance?

    • Hi Andy,
      You can refer to this Forum Topic to find a solution.

      • Andy

        Thank you! Checked that out.

  • Darryn Ah Yui

    Hi, firstly, great theme guys! Secondly, is it possible to add a search on your customisable front page?


    • Hi Darryn,

      Could you let us know where exactly you would like to get search box at the Front Page. Thanks for your feedback!

      • Darryn Ah Yui


        Thanks for the reply. I’d like a search next to the menu items, is that possible?

        Thanks again!

        • Hi,
          Currently it is not possible but I’ve added your request to our feature request list. Thanks for feedback.

  • lincjames

    Hi, is there anyway I can use the front page customizer for inner pages as well?

    • Hi,
      It is impossible to edit other pages with Customizer, but you can use MotoPress Page Builder for editing other page templates easily and visually.

  • Carlos Eduardo Biondi

    Hi , how do I change my contact form ? Is in English, Portuguese I need to put in the fields, already installed puglin but do not know where to change , you can help me?

    • Hi,
      In order to edit placeholders of the contact form at Front Page you should translate Emmet Theme Engine plugin. Make sure it is installed at your WordPress.

  • David Hunter

    Hi! The Emmet theme + MotoPress page builder looks fantastic.
    Do you have a demo xml file available for download that matches the demo site ?

    • Hi David,
      Thank you for your feedback. Yes, we’ll add .xml file to theme package further. Currently you can submit a request and I’ll attach it for you.

  • lincjames

    Hi can you please advise how I can add icons to the features section on the front page customizer

    • Hi,
      You can add icon to Theme-Feature widget by uploading it as an image currently. It is recommended to use square images.

  • Jared Baral

    Is there anyway to add more than 12 team members to the team section?

    • Hi Jared,
      Team Section allows to add more than 12 widgets. You can see that here. Make sure you use latest version of theme and engine plugin.
      Have a nice day.

      • Jared Baral

        I see I can add more than 12. The problem is when I do add the third line, it is out of order and not in line. Is there anything you can think of that may be causing that? I have updated to the newest version.

        • Hi Jared,
          As you can see it looks properly on screenshot above. I would recommend to use images of the same size or dimension. You can also submit a request to our support team. They will have a closer look at it.

  • __

    Hi – this theme is really excellent. Thank you for making it available. I wondered if it would be possible please to have access to the .xml file so I can build content around the demo content please? Thanks.

    • Hi,
      We’ve just added demo content right at this page. Look for Demo Content link.

  • Dave

    Can you please provide the xml demo file? Thanks!

    • Hi Dave,
      Demo file is available here at this page. Please look for Demo Content link. Have a nice day.

      • Dave


    • Hello Dave,
      You can get demo files by clicking at Demo Content link at the top of this page. Thank you for using Emmet Theme

  • Micah Lewis

    Is it possible to change the logo max-width img to 400px from 250px?

    • Hi Micah,
      Yes, you can add the style below to style.css file of the Child Theme

      .header-logo img {
      max-width: 400px;

  • i am not sure why, but the options to expand more Portfolio Posts just eludes me. i know it has to be something simple within the options, but i just cant see it and this is the first time using this style of template. i opened the random files through Dreamweaver title ‘ portfolio ‘ yet it all directs to additional files which i cannot find for some reason. right now the default only shows 8, i would like to show 12 – 16. thank you for your time.

    • Hi,
      Please try to follow the our guide. If it is not helpful you can submit a request to support team.
      If you use Lite version of the theme you need to get Premium one to contact our support team for assistance.

  • Carlos Eduardo Biondi

    How do I insert another field in the contact form on the main page ?

    • Hi Carlos,
      There is no option to add more fields to Contact Form at the Front Page. If you need more details you can contact our support team by submitting a request or creating topic at our forum.

  • Basia

    Emmet is my first theme and I love it, but while testing I came across a problem with features section in Front Page customizer. I don’t know why and what happened but I can’t add icons to the feature section/service section (only images). Can you help me?
    Thank you.

    • Hi,
      Currently you can apply images only to Features section. You should upload images of icons. We recommend to use square images to look like on demo website. We appreciate your feedback.

      • Basia

        Thank you very much for your help:) If you don’t mind I’ve got two more questions: you mentioned there is a possibility to change the order of blocks at the Front Page – how can I do this? And how can I translate the fields in the contact form using your customizer? Thank you sooooooo much:)

        • Hi,
          There is ‘Section position’ option for each section within Customizer. You can re-order the sections by editing this parameter.
          In order to translate Contact Form fields you should translate Emmet Theme Engine plugin by this link
          If you have more questions you can contact us directly by submitting a request.

  • Carlo Navarro

    How can I change the position of the content blocks as mentioned above? I know how to hide them or is this only a premium feature? For example, I would like to change the position of the Portfolio section to where the second feature is located. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Carlo,
      When you go to Appearance>Customize and select any section you can see ‘Section Position’ box. Type numbers and change positions of the sections using that option.

  • Katie Smith


    Can’t seem to find a way to edit the text “The company with over 5 years experience of delivering best consulting services for personal and business needs.” in the footer on the front page. Suggestions?

    • Hi Katie, according technical questions it’s better to contact our support manager https://motopress.zendesk.com/hc/en-us. It’s the quickest way to get help. Thank you!

    • Hi Katie,
      This is demo content widget. You can not edit it but you can create your
      own one. Go to Appearance->Customize->Widgets->Footer Left and
      add Theme-About us widget.

  • Paul Jeffcoat

    Heya how do I add a custom content section to the front page? I would like to be able to custom code this or use the page builder so that we can have a video on the page (not in the header background).


    • Hi Paul,
      You can add video to MotoPress Slider and add it as widget to some of Widget Areas on the Front Page. I’ve added your request about custom content section. We’ll keep it in mind. Thank you.

      • Paul Jeffcoat

        Thanks for your help… Managed to sort this now – didn’t realise I was able to add to the content sections.

  • Vasya Kutsyk

    Hi guys, bought your template and have an unexpected error. Blocks read more and features are not showing, Just installed nothing changed, no errors. In settings flags are OK, but, still nothing showing, could you help me?

    • Hi Vasya,
      Probably some file was damaged while theme installation. You can submit a request providing admin login data. We’ll have a closer look at it.

  • Augusto

    Hi! How i can translate the contact form text to pt-br. I translate all itens o the forum translation section and dowloaded a file with the translation and translate this too… Replace on the language folder inside the plugin zip and install it in wordpress, but nothin changed…
    I need put the translated “.pot” file in other place or what i need to do?

  • Augusto

    Hi! I want to centralize the “team” members, because my team is a “one man team” (only me) and it keeps going to the left, and i can’t center my profile in the widget area… Any suggestion?

    • Hi Augusto,
      Please describe your question and submit to our support team. We’ll find a solution for you.

      • Augusto

        Thanks for the reply, i solved this issue changing the css, thanks anyway!

  • Does it work with WP 4.7? None of widgets I added (Features, testimonials and etc) don’t show up on front page.

    • Yes, it is compatible with WordPress 4.7. If you have any difficulties you can submit request to our support team

      • I created home page with MotoPress Content Editor, so I am good for now. Thanks.

  • Vi

    Hi, another question about layout. I created my home page with MotoPress, but I like Emmet theme’s Featured and Blog posts sections’ layout/design. Are there any possibility to add these sections to my custom page with shortcode or something similar? Thank you

    • Hi,
      Yes, you can find group of WordPress widgets at the left toolbar and add Widgets Area. Then select required widgets area and preview the changes.
      Note: the section should be visible (no hidden) to see it available among widgets areas.

      • Vi

        Found a dropdown list. Thanks. But I can’t see “Blog posts” section like you have in your demo http://themes.getmotopress.com/?theme=Emmet

        Also there is widget “Theme->Recent posts”, but it doesn’t have any options and shows only the list.

        • Hi,
          Latest News Section is not a widget area. If you want to add Posts to a page you can simply find Posts Grid element in Page Builder and add it to the page. You can filter posts by tags, categories, etc. It is rather flexible.

          • Vi

            thanks. It doesn’t look so nice as yours, but it’s ok.

          • You are welcome. If you are good in coding you can apply custom templates for Posts Grid element.

          • Vi

            WP and themes tend to be updated regularly, so I prefer to use custom code as less as possible. Can you answer to another question, regarding H1? That comment is still waiting your approval.

          • You can add custom templates by using function. Thus you can create plugin or install Child Theme not to worry about updates.

  • Vi

    Re-posting without links. In the posts and pages you are using H1 tag for site name + H1 for posts name, which makes multiple H1 tags and it is not acceptable. Are you planning to fix this?
    Also on page I created there is no page title at all, except plain text in breadcrumbs.

    • Hi,
      According to Matt Cutts it is not an issue to use multiple h1 tags if there is logical reason. But we’ll keep your remark in our minds and we’ll change it withing one of the next updates.
      Currently you can install Child Theme and edit it. Thank you for your help.

      • Vi

        Yes, that’s the point – “if there is logical reason”. What is logical reason behind the change of default WP behavior in Emmet posts and pages? As I don’t see one…

        Ok, I am downloading child theme version.

        • Hi Vi,
          We have released updated version of theme 1.5.0 where we avoided usage of h1 tags. Thank you.

          • Vi

            Great. I am using Child theme as you suggested, so will keep it as it is for now.

            But I had another big issue. I just spend half a day trying to figure out why Visual Editor doesn’t start on one page. Even created couple duplicate pages and at last figured out what is triggering problem. It is a word ‘poker’. Visual Editor started when I removed this word from the text. Do you have any filter for such words?

          • Hi,
            No, there is not any word filter enabled in Visual Builder. I would recommend to check the content more carefully. Sometimes the content is copied form MS Word documents with its formatting and it may cause an issue. Try to switch to Text (HTML) Editor and check if there is any weird code at the page. You can email us if you need our assistance.

          • Vi

            No, it was not a text copy. To test that I created new WP page, switched to Visual Builder, placed Paragraph object, entered one word – “poker”, saved it, then exited VB mode and tried to enter Visual Builder again. It didn’t work. So, I removed last letter and left just “poke”, pressed “Open Visual Builder” button again and it works. You can try it.

          • Hi,
            We tested it locally and it works perfectly. Probably it is cache issue? Could you email us providing access to WordPress? We’d like to take a closer look at it.

  • Augusto Daltoé

    There is a way to clear the contact form after click on submit button?
    The pages reload but the fields stay with the text submited by the user…

    • Hi Augusto,
      Thank you for your feedback. We’ll keep it in mind for next updates. Have a nice day.

      • Augusto Daltoé

        AMAZING! I love you!

    • Hello Augusto,
      We have released an updated version of theme and engine plugin where you can add custom Contact Forms using shortcodes.

      • Augusto Daltoé

        AMAZING! I love you!!!

  • SJB

    Hi! I am using background video as my header image on the front page. Because of the video in the header the rest of the front page that’s built using widgets disappears when I open the website using Internet Explore or Edge. I have tired OOG, MP4 and WEBM formats but nothing has worked.

    Any solutions?

    • Hi,
      I’m sorry but I’m not sure I understand where you added the video exactly? Do you mean Big Title Section? Could you describe it more detailed and email us so that we could take a closer look at your certain case? Thank you.

      • SJB

        In the Big Title Section, I am using video as a background. And the Feature Section that appears on the front page is built using layout builder.

        Now because of the video background, IE and Edge wont show anything that is in Feature Section. However, when I upload an image instead of a video in the Big Title Section, Feature Section doesn’t show up.

        • Hi,
          Make sure you have added video of all 3 formats (WEBM, MP4, OGG) to play at all browser types.

  • Hi Victor,
    We have just released 1.5.0 version of theme where you can add Contact Form to the Front Page with shortcodes from Contact Form 7 and other form plugin providers.

  • Jamie Freeman

    Oops! Something went wrong.
    This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.
    Any ideas?

  • alex

    Hi MotePress tell me please how to translate the gustomizable front page fot 3 languages in Emmet lite ))))

    • Hi Alex,
      You can try to translate Front Page using WPML plugin and String Translation module.

  • Rodel Tancio


    I recently purchased the emmet theme. Just want to ask if you can help me on this matter. I want to use a modal in the customized front page. Can you give me a hint please?


    • Hi Rodel,
      You can install Child theme and add the line below to functions.php file:
      It will let you add shortcodes to Text Widget. Thus you will be able to add Text widget to any section and add shortcode of Modal element to it.

  • Charlie Macdonald


    I am running WordPress 4.7.3 running Emmet theme.
    Running PHP version: 5.6.30

    The “sticky menu” option, when enabled, makes the menu bar jump past the top section of the page when scrolling down, which is jilting to the user experience. After this, the menu bar does stick to the top of the page as expected. When scrolling back up, it again jumps past the top section of the page just before reaching the top.

    Is this a bug that others have experienced? Are there any easy fixes?


    • Hello Charlie,
      I’ve just tested Emmet theme and Sticky menu option and could not replicate the issue you described. Make sure you use latest version of Theme (at this moment it is 1.5.0) and Emmet Theme Engine plugin (1.3.0). If everything is up to date we would ask you to email us screenshots and examples if it is possible.

  • Jamie

    What type of header options does this theme have? Logo left obviously, does this allow centered logo, or logo left with banner to the right etc etc?


    • Hello Jamie,
      Thank you for your question. You can modify header layout by installing Child Theme and editing header.php file.

  • Geoffrey Ng’ang’a

    Thanks Emmet theme team and Motopress team for a great job. Am creating my first website and this is the best theme i have found so far. tried a lot without getting an awesome UI as yours.
    Am stuck at editing the features part, portfolio and team members. How can i customize these parts?

    • Hello Geoffrey,
      Thank you for your feedback. The Front Page of Emmet theme is one of the main features. You should add proper widgets to modify those sections. for example you need to go to Appearance>Customize>Widgets>Features or Team Sections and add Theme-Feature widget for Features Section and Theme-Team widget for Team.
      As for Portfolio Section so it outputs featured images of Portfolio posts. You need to go to your Dashboard>Portfolio>Add new and add more your own Portfolio posts with featured images.

      • Geoffrey Ng’ang’a

        Thank you so much for your support. It is working now. A happy wpbeginner.

        • You are welcome. Have a nice day.

          • Geoffrey Ng’ang’a

            Just another tricky one… How do I unfreeze (Make it non-sticky) the header on my emmet theme. I have tried all means i could but am unable. Kindly advise

          • Hello Geoffrey,
            if you mean sticky menu so you can go to Appearance>Customize>General and disable sticky menu option. You can contact our support team or ask your additional questions at our forum.

  • Geoffrey Ng’ang’a

    Hello motopress team,
    Am in the middle of creating my site, everything seemed okay until I added Member login form from Ultimate Member Plugin… The page has some content now not displaying – my products section, my portfolio and a few others, only a white background. Do you have a suggestion on how to solve this. Thank you.

    • Hello Geoffrey,
      Make sure you use latest version of theme (at this time its is 1.5.0) and Emmet Theme Engine plugin (1.3.0)

      If it is not helpful you can submit a request to our support team.

  • Beautiful theme

    • Hello Joan,
      We are happy you liked Emmet theme. Feel free to check out other products also available at our website!

  • Joan Ward

    I have installed Emmet-Lite to test out the theme and am really happy with it so I will be upgrading to the Pro version, once I pay for this and download and install the theme will I need to redo all the settings, customisations that I have setup in the Lite version?

    • Hello Joan,
      Thank you for kind words. After installing Pro version you would need to re-build Front Page only as theme folder differs.
      We would also recommend to install Child Theme for Pro version right with Parent theme installation if you are going to modify theme files.

  • 巴大湖


    I’m interested in this theme!!
    I’m wondering does the theme allow to move the layout sorting? If I’d like to move “features section” to the top, before the “first feature section”, is it possible?

    thank you

    • Hi,
      Thank you for your question. Yes, There is Section Position value available at each Section in Customizer. You can change order of the sections at the Front Page by editing Section Position value.

  • 박은기

    Hello motopress team,

    If I buy Emmet pro theme (55$), can I have a source file of this theme?

    • Hi,
      PSD files are not included into theme package. Or you mean other source files?

      • 박은기

        I mean setup files of this theme. so Can I install this theme to my server?

  • Hello, i have problems to enable the comments on this theme.
    I use Emmet lite and can`t find a solution for this.

    • Hi Gabriel,
      You can check WordPress Settings>Discussion or check Screen Options at any post and enable Discussions. If you mean comments at page so it is not available by default. You can add comments block using Child theme.

      • Yes, It`s about page comments. What do you mean with Child Theme? In this moment i use free version Emmet lite installed by wordpress.

        • Hi,
          I mean that you can do that by modifying default page layout. For this you need to install Child Theme (not to loose the modifications after further theme update). You need to copy page template file from Parent Theme to Child Theme and add the line below after ‘the_content’

          If you need our assistance you can get Pro version of theme or order Extended Support Offer.

  • Beto Franco

    Hello, I’m having trouble activating the Emmet Theme Engine plugin.
    The following error appears:

    “The plugin could not be activated because it caused a fatal error.
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘MP_Emmet_Plugin_Features’ (T_STRING) in /home/storage/2/88/6c/dominiotur/public_html/_site2016/wp-content/plugins/mp-emmet/classes/sections/features.php on line 1”

    The site is at: http://www.dominiotur.com.br/_site2016/

    Can you help me?

    • Hi Beto,
      Most likely you need to update PHP version at your server. You can try to contact your hosting provider and ask them to upgrade it to 5.3+ version.
      I’ve checked your website and it seems to run properly. Actually you can ask questions like this at our forum or by email. Thank you.

      • Beto Franco

        We publish our site at the correct address and now displaying the same error.

        “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘MP_Emmet_Plugin_Features’ (T_STRING) in /home/storage/2/88/6c/dominiotur/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mp-emmet/classes/sections/features.php on line 1 ”

        Currently PHP Version 5.4.45

  • Michael Reiff

    Hi, im testing this beautiful theme and everything works perfect. But before i purchase Pro, i need several questions answered, because of bad experience with former themes from other developers:
    I need a header image, where the Sidename stands, is that possible in Pro ?.
    I already own your Visual Builder Pro version, is there a discount purchasing the template ?
    Im developing my side on localhost and will do the realease when everything is fixed, will there be problems with moving the theme using a plug in (f.e. duplicator ?)
    I will have a large portfolio (about130 items) is there a way to tell the portfolio section to show up only a few of them (or even randomized) ? Thank you

    • Hi Michael,
      Thank you for kind words and for your interest.
      – There is available page template that is called ‘With Header Image‘ It shows Page title and header image.
      – There is 25% discount available now at our website. So you can hurry up.
      – Unfortunately we did not have chance to use ‘duplicator’ so we can not advise you. We recommend to move WordPress by uploading files. and importing database.
      – Portfolio Section shows latest projects added. You can edit the quantity of items by installing Child Theme and editing files

      • Michael Reiff

        Wow, thats quick. Thank you. I checked the header Image template, but then I’ll loose all the sections Design, is that right ?

        • Michael Reiff

          And the last question – i purchased the Pro Version now. I saw in this comments, when I install Pro, all the Front Page Setting will get lost. Any way to avoid this ? Installing child theme first, or something similar ?

          Thank you

          • Hi Michael,
            The Sections layout is provided by page template called ‘Customizable Front Page’. Do you want to have a header image with page title at Front Page? You can use Big Tittle Section then.
            Yes, the page template of the Front page is built from custom areas mostly and when the theme folder name is changed you need to re-setup the texts and other stuff. The widgets might remain but some information might be needed to add again. This happens even if you install Child Theme. So we recommend to install Child Theme right after theme installation if you are sure you will edit theme files in future.

  • Can you advise how I change the colour & opacity of the overlay in the main image section on the home page please?

  • ricardo

    hello, is this theme compatible with wpml

    • Hi Ricardo,
      Yes, the theme is WPML compatible but you will need String Translation module additionally to translate Front Page as it is built with widget areas and custom blocks.

  • Johanna Ferreira

    Hi, I’m wondering, can we use the free version for commercial projects or there would be a legal issue using it with that purpose ? Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Johanna,
      Yes, you can use Emmet Lite for commercial projects as well as Premium version. But there are not available some premium features and is used lite version of MotoPress Page Builder.

  • Home Computing Solutions Ltd

    Social links only showing up on random pages any ideas please?

  • Maria

    Just bought Emmet Pro as it says no technical expertise needed. Now struggle: Why doesn’t Visual builder work on landing page? I want to do the 3 boxes with my services in the first feature section.
    How do I change the text at bottom (footer)? It is a premade text that isn’t true for me, and I can’t find a box where I can change this text. Appreciate if anyone can help. Thx! Maria

    • Hi Maria,
      The front page is the main feature of the Emmet theme. It’s page template (Customizable Front Page) is built with widget areas and custom blocks. So you need to go to Appearance>Customize to edit it. You can use Visual Builder plugin at other page templates (Default, Full Width, Landing Page, With Sidebar, etc) and post types (posts, portfolio, etc.)

      You can edit footer text by going to Appearance>Customize>General.

      • Maria

        Just to clarify, that means I can only use the widgets for my front page. I cannot add the feature “service box” from visual builder into any of the widgets?
        And the Visual Builder that comes up when I open my front page is not actually working. Why is it then there?
        I bought this theme as it says no technical expertise needed and to have the ability to make the pages you have in your demo. I can’t see that it states that the front page is not adjustable.

        • Hi Maria,
          You do not need any technical skills to edit the Front Page. It is the main feature of the theme when you can manage sections via Appearance>Customize. This layout appears with page template called ‘Customizable Front Page’ and it can not be edited with Visual Builder. This layout is applied to Front Page by default. All other page templates can be edited using Visual Builder plugin.
          Thus if you want to create a Front Page using Visual Builder plugin you need to switch to another page template e.g Full Width or Landing Page.
          Please email us if you need further assistance and we’ll guide you through this setup.

  • Quick question re the shop – Is there a way I can show some “featured” products on the home page of a site that uses Emmet? I like the way the home page is structured and updated in wp-admin, but there is no option for Shop items…..Is there a way of adding them please?

    • Hi Steve,
      You can try adding it using shortcode or WooCommerce widget to any section you do not use. We’ll also review this request and will keep it in mind for further theme updates. Thank you.

  • Gareth Wear

    Can you add a “Meetup” social link please?

    • Hi Gareth,
      We’ll try to add it in the next update release. Thank you.