Toppings for Restaurant Menu

This addon drives your online restaurant on WordPress to sell more. With its help you can create optional toppings available for additional purchase and put them along with each menu item of your MotoPress Restaurant menu.

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Requires a minimum of WordPress 4.5 and PHP 5.3.
Product is subject to a yearly license for support and automatic updates.

ingredients for additional purchase

Ingredients for additional purchase

People have different tastes and love to customize their orders. Let them choose any additional ingredients that can be added along with a particular menu item. You are free to add unlimited toppings, set their prices (or offer for free), set their featured images, and customize selection controls.

Side dishes

Side dishes

You topping that comes as additional proposition is not necessary an ingredient for the available menu item. You may add other side dishes that you think may complement the order in a cart: be it a soft drink, coffee, pudding, salad, etc.

topping selection controls

Toppings selection controls

The admin tools allow to choose the most suitable selection controls that will be displayed on the frontend when choosing a topping. You can choose from checkboxes, radio buttons or stepper (for minimum and maximum item quantity) depending on the logical specifics of the topping.

quick checkout process

Quick checkout process

There is no extra mess or troubles for the customer with adding additional items to the cart. The available toppings are listed right next to the Add to cart button of the main menu item and are added in the same way. In the final order details the customer will see all added extras and their prices.

pizza builder

Pizza builder

It may be pizza or any other proposition from your menu which is available for complete customization: let customers build their own dish choosing from the ingredients given. Pizza builders are especially popular as they can even increase the sum of the order in comparison to standard pizza offers.

sell more with motopress restaurant menu

Selling more

The more toppings you offer, the more odds that users want to have something else it in their cart! It’s beneficial for both sides: you can sell more and the customers get more customized orders. More satisfied clients are also a huge bonus for your business.

Topping featured image

Topping featured image

Take a picture of your topping and set it in the admin area to make the customers even more interested in a purchase. Most people are visuals, and especially when it comes about food, they want to see what they get. The menu item image can also increase your chances that the topping will be finally purchased.

Easy admin management

Easy admin management

Adding a topping is a quick process that requires putting its name, and optionally a price & image. In the plugin settings you may also customize Add a topping button label and the texts to be shown to customers.


We want to make our product better, so will be glad to receive your feedback and improve MotoPress specially for you! Leave a message below, make your voice heard!

  • My client would like to offer three different options for each menu item ie. Italian Pasta as 500, 700 and 1000 calories. Would using the topping option allow for this? So, rather than a topping option there would be a calorie amount?

    • Hi Helena,
      Yes, you can use Toppings addon to get this. For instance you can add topping and name it ‘Calorie Amount’ with options like 500, 700 and 1000 calories and different price. Then apply this topping for your menu items where it is required.

  • rkco

    Hi guys! We would like to limit the number of toppings/side dishes per meal. Is this possible? Thank you!

    • Hi,
      You can add multiple toppings and apply them individually for certain dishes.

      • rkco

        No, we would like to limit the number of toppings/side dishes. Thank you!

        • Oh, I see! Sure, you can limit the number of toppings using “Stepper” option. When you are adding/editing a topping, go to Topping selection controls > choose Stepper. There you can set minimum and maximum item quantity and the price for minimum item. Hope this helps.

  • george saad

    is it possible to have both a menu and a sort of ‘create your meal’ option that previews what a customer selected? does this have SquareUp support? is the menu’s coding customizable?

  • Hello George,
    Yes, it’s up to you to apply topping for a meal or not. You can see that on our live demo. Check Pizza with topping feature and Cupcakes without ability to apply toppings.

  • Judy

    How do I turn on the topping add-on so I can add to menu items?

    • Hi Judy,
      You should purchase this addon first. Then you should install addon and you will get new section under Settings of your Restaurant Menu. Thus you will be able to create Toppings, define price and its type. When you add all toppings you can go to each menu item and apply needed topping individually.

  • Dave

    Just purchased the plugin. Two things, is it possible to have the addon button display without having the Enable eCommerce option active in the settings menu? Because that is what I really wanted. Second question, is it possible to not have a button at all and just have the options show under each item in list view? For Example: “Salad…………..” and under that have the radio button’s Small and Large with the prices?

    • Hi Dave,
      Toppings option is available when eCommerce option is enabled only. It was added to let your visitors pick required extras for the menu item and order it. What would be the action then after your visitors select the topping if there is no button to order it? You can show the toppings as ingredients or add it at the description of menu item or even volume or weight.
      You can add topping to certain menu items only and button appears at that menu item where you applied certain topping(s). You should just add topping, name it ‘Size’, select Radio Buttons type and ad 2 options Small and Large. Then go to Menu Item where you need this topping (Salad) and apply it.

  • Marja

    Is this also possible with a totaly different product?
    Can i ajust it to any product group

    • Hello Marja,
      You can create 1 topping, set its price and apply it to different menu items. Also you can add unlimited amount of Toppings and apply different ones to different menu items.