MotoPress Google Maps Addon

MotoPress Google Maps addon is an advanced widget for MotoPress WordPress Page Builder. It makes possible to fully customize your maps without any coding. Using this widget you are able to place multiple custom markers to your maps, select font icons, define their size and color. It is easy to add your custom description to the marker tooltip as you can use visual editor for this. Thus you are able to add media files or any additional information like work hours to the description area of each marker on your map. In order to prevent scrolling confusion on mobile devices it’s possible to disable draggable feature, scrollwheel zoom and even hide the map controls for convenient view.


By the way you do not need to worry that MotoPress Google Maps might not fit your theme style because you can apply 1000+ custom styles and even add your own ones with the free service like Snazzy Maps.

Live Example

Core Features:

  • ability to embed ready map code
  • unlimited location markers
  • visual editing of marker description with media, links, etc.
  • driving directions for each marker
  • display the list of locations
  • custom marker (media and font awesome icons)
  • ability to show/hide map controls
  • 6 preset map styles and ability to apply 1000+ custom styles
  • 4 map types (Road Map, Hybrid, Satellite, and Terrain)
  • ability to enable/disable scrollwheel zoom and draggable features
  • ability to display list of markers below the map


How to work with the Google Maps Addon

– install MotoPress Google Maps plugin to your WordPress
– go to MotoPress > Settings, switch to the Google Maps tab and add Browser and Server API keys following the instruction below:

google maps api keys

– when API keys are saved successfully you can go to your page, launch MotoPress Visual Editor and drag Google Maps Pro object to the stage

add google maps

– add new marker. There is the defined address Sydney, New South Wales, Australia by default. You should type the full address for your marker so it will be placed.
– fill the Title and edit Description using WordPress TinyMCE.

google maps edit

– add/edit Read More label and its link
– show/hide a ‘driving direction’ link
– select the Icon Type. It can be default marker, Media – any image from Media Library or Font Icon. If you choose the Font icon you will be able to select an icon, set its color and size.

google maps edit icon

Now when at least one marker is added you can:

– define zoom
– disable scrollwheel zoom
– hide controls
– disable map dragging
– set the Map Type (Road Map, Hybrid, Satellite, and Terrain)

If you have an iframe code of the previously styled map you are able to paste it to this Map object within the ‘Use Embed code’ feature.
The most fascinating thing is a Map style section. Here you can select between 6 predefined styles and add custom ones in a few clicks.

google maps edit style

In order to apply custom style you should:

– go to free services like Snazzy Maps or Styled Maps Wizard.
– select a style you like or create your own map style
copy the provided code

google maps copy style

– use it in the Map Settings

google maps paste style

You can also show the list with all your markers below the map. For this you should:

– enable ‘Display list of locations‘ option
– define the column count for the list
– set the maximum width of the list. Example: 100% or 800px.

Requirements: This addon requires MotoPress Content Editor.
License: GNU GPL.

Plugin is one time payment product and provides unlimited usage, updates and support.


We want to make our product better, so will be glad to receive your feedback and improve MotoPress specially for you! Leave a message below, make your voice heard!

  • Jassogne

    is it possible to add a search field for zip code for example ?

    • Hi,
      There is no option to add search field for Google Pro addon. Could you describe your request more detailed by submitting it to our help center. We’ll add your suggestion to features’ list?

  • Mike

    Hello We are considering including this map on our website to show our client as reference our buisness have client around the world, will this adapt to see world wide map ?
    Can we see our office location first on the map?

    • Hi Mike,
      Yes, you are able to set zoom level using this plugin. You can add custom information to location description window.

  • Stephan

    Hi There,

    We build wireless radio links (Point to Point). Is it possible to have a straight line displayed between 2 sites that represents the radio link?

    • Hi Stephan,
      You can add multiple locations but it is not possible to connect them with line using Google Maps Pro addon. Anyway thank you for your idea.

      • Stephan

        Thanks for the quick response.

        Let me know once you have this function available. Will definitely support you.