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The WordPress Appointment Booking plugin makes it easy for businesses to accept bookings and appointments online. It’s geared to time and service-based companies, such as for beauty, sports, education, and other industries. Staff planning, real-time bookings of any custom time slots, and timely appointment schedules at your fingertips. This is the new booking plugin solution from MotoPress - the industry leader for property booking needs.

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WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin

WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin by MotoPress: Key Highlights

Appointment scheduling & booking plugin optimized for quick and easy online reservations.

For Beauty Salons, Medical Centers & EducatorsFor Beauty Salons, Medical Centers & Educators

We created this WordPress appointments plugin for all sorts of appointment-based businesses, including:

  • Barbershops, hairdressers, and beauty salons
  • Tutoring businesses and online classes
  • Healthcare & medical centers
  • Sports institutions, and fitness instructors.

WordPress Appointment Plugin For Solopreneurs & Business ChainsWordPress Appointment Plugin For Solopreneurs & Business Chains

This appointment booking plugin for WordPress fits your needs if you are self-employed, have a small establishment with just a few employees, or even run a multi-shop business in different locations.

The plugin makes it easy to add numerous categorized locations and offer different services depending on a location / individual shop. We have also created a collection of booking templates where you can choose an appointment booking WordPress theme for your needs.

Add & Customize Unlimited ServicesAdd & Customize Unlimited Services

The MotoPress WordPress Appointment Booking plugin allows you to add time slot booking for numerous services. Feel free to set custom service durations and assign employees available for each service:

  • Create bookable services with custom minimum time frames, e.g. 15 or 30 minutes
  • Add buffer times to block extra time before and after actual appointments
  • Edit service capacity to allow a customer to bring people with them.

Add & Manage Unlimited EmployeesAdd & Manage Unlimited Employees

Create an employee database and schedule the agenda of the staff with the Appointment WP plugin. Add photos and skills of your employees, assign different services to the relative staff members, and create their personal schedules:

  • Create individual staff calendars
  • Сustomize the service pricing and duration depending on a staff member
  • Assign numerous services and locations to the same person.

Flexible Employee Schedules: Lock Out Hours, Add Breaks & HolidaysFlexible Employee Schedules: Lock Out Hours, Add Breaks & Holidays

The MotoPress WordPress Appointment Booking plugin is equipped with numerous features to help you bend the working schedules of your employees:

  • Assign individual schedules to employees and view calendars in a daily mode
  • Set lunchtimes and breaks for your employees
  • Add days off and non-regular working days and times.

Step-by-step Booking Wizard for ClientsStep-by-step Booking Wizard for Clients

Allow clients to book directly on your site! They’ll see available slots and book them right away, optionally choosing an assistant with the preferred skills/ their favorite service provider.

It’s a straightforward step-by-step process when a client selects a service, a staff member, then a date and submits a booking, not leaving the same page! A sleek, mobile-optimized booking form design delivers truly user-friendly and quick experiences for users on any device.

Multiple Services Bookable at One GoMultiple Services Bookable at One Go

Allow your customers to add several services to cart during one submission. All appointments can be booked for different services, time, date, and employees – in just one go.

Make it easy for a customer to reserve several appointments without a need to go though the same booking procedure several times.

Manage Appointment Bookings on The BackendManage Appointment Bookings on The Backend

Centralize all WordPress appointments in your dashboard – you can view all incoming bookings with the details, such as total cost, details of booked services (e.g. location, employee, date, time, the number of clients, etc.), and the status (whether a booking is confirmed or not).

You can manually edit personal customer info, change a booking status and update a total service cost with this Appointment Booking WordPress plugin.

Allow Booking for GroupsAllow Booking for Groups

Note: an appointment for a group can be made only by one person who submits a reservation.

Clients can book an appointment for a group of people. For example, that can be a yoga class or an escape room reservation for several people at a time.

As an admin, you are free to configure capacity settings in the WordPress scheduler plugin by defining the maximum number of persons possible for one appointment, as well as optionally multiply the service price by the number of people.

Automated Email NotificationsAutomated Email Notifications

Immediate email notifications associated with bookings and respective automated booking status changes will help you reduce the client waiting time, thus managing booking much faster.

The MotoPress WordPress scheduler plugin allows you to tweak content and style of both admin and customer email notifications.

Holistic WordPress Appointment Booking ToolsetHolistic WordPress Appointment Booking Toolset

This WordPress appointment scheduler plugin goes beyond providing you with a booking widget. It’s packed with a number of widgets you can use to build your service website further.

For example, there are dedicated widgets for featuring your team members with their contacts and experience, building individual employee profiles, designing lists of services and locations, and more.

Translated into Several LanguagesTranslated into Several Languages

The MotoPress Appointment Booking plugin for WordPress is available in English, Italian, French, German and Spanish.

That means you can simply choose the needed language in your WordPress settings and voila – the plugin is automatically switched to the professional translation, both the backend admin tools and the actual website content sourced by the plugin.

Works with Gutenberg, Elementor, and Divi

We’ve added smooth MotoPress Appointment Booking plugin integration with the most used and loved WordPress builders: the native block editor (Gutenberg), Elementor, and Divi.

This means you can add appointment forms, employee profiles, service lists, and any other content sourced by the Appointment booking plugin in the visual interfaces, with drag and drop, enjoying shortcode-free customization experiences.

Themes with the Appointment Booking Plugin Included

Education WordPress Theme

View Demo

Elementor Medical WordPress Theme

View Demo

Spa WordPress Theme

View Demo

More features of the MotoPress WordPress Appointment Booking plugin

The best WordPress Appointment plugin for quick and easy online appointment bookings on your site. Discover more tools in a nutshell:

  • Currency settings
  • Hourly appointment book
  • Booking tool for multi-location businesses
  • Edit details of submitted bookings, e.g. their statuses and personal customer info
  • One-page service client booking wizard
  • Default country of residence for quicker booking submission for your clients
  • It can serve your needs as a WordPress doctor appointment plugin.
  • Mobile-friendly booking WordPress scheduling widget.
  • Fully customizable WordPress scheduling widget – remove or rename default fields to suit your business.
  • WordPress availability calendar with real-time free slots.
  • Hourly appointment book slot as well as fully customizable slots for appointments of any duration.
  • Free WordPress appointment scheduler plugin trial – create an account and test all features at no cost.
  • Service categories and tags.
  • Customize price, duration, minimum and maximum capacity for each service depending on an employee.
  • Intuitive database of clients.
  • Contact information, social networks and additional info blocks for each employee you can optionally fill in and feature on the site.

If you are looking for the best booking solution for short-term property rentals or hotel rooms, the MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin is what you need.


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  • Feature-rich and multitask 5/ 5stars

    Various features of this plugin at once attracted my attention as a business person. I wanted to put all tasks of my staff into one space. And I did it! I chose this plugin and the goal was achieved. The investment was well worth it. I recommend you to do the same and save your time.

  • Great Plugin and Support 5/ 5stars

    The plugin has all the functions that are necessary to create a booking system. Support is always available to help you resolve any problems.

  • Saves time and energy, best support 4/ 5stars

    MotoPress integrates well with my WordPress website and it works so intuitively. My clients love the booking form, it saves so much time for me and them to schedule the next meeting in my office. I don’t even need all the tools in the plugin but it still can simplify my schedule. I also got huuuuge help from the team and can’t stop recommending their plugin. Kudos.

  • Best for scheduling things 5/ 5stars

    Finally, my students can see when I’m free! Tons of calls and emails aren’t annoying me now. They just choose my name, my free time and book the class. That’s it! Now I’m sincerely your customer. Hope you can add even more features over time.

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    59 Replies to “Appointment Booking

      1. At the moment there is no payment integration, however, our developers are working on this and hope to release an update with the first payment gateways by the end of the current month.

      1. Hi Niklas, Could you please specify what exactly demo you refer to? Could you share your site example to take a closer look at?

      1. Hi Fran, It looks like you have commented on the wrong product. I guess you are interested in the Hotel Booking plugin. Do you mean you need your need a website for a single owner who has many various hotels? You may also email us describing your question in more detail.

    1. I don’t see group booking ie. booking for a group lesson? in your demo

      I need single and group tutorial booking per time slot.

      is that supported?


    2. currently using your Hotel Booking Plug in and we need to be able to book a private function room. These rentals are for less than a full day… is it possible to set up time slots in the Hotel Booking plug in, or is it possible to use the appointment booking plug in and somehow connect them so the private room rental is included in our daily revenue report.

        1. Hi Raphael,
          Thanks for your question. Both plugins are independent of each other and there is no integration between Hotel and Appointment Bookings.

    3. Hello, is it possible to hide services from the form? I only need a simple appointment form. We only have one service and no employees and would like the user to not have to select those options.

      Also does this plugin allow for the creation of custom fields? Not looking to rename existing field, but we need to add 4 custom fields.


      1. Hi, The Service field is required and can not be removed from the booking form. There is no possibility to edit the booking confirmation form yet. We will keep your suggestions in mind for further plugin development. Thanks.

    4. Hello

      very interesting plugin ….
      Is the booking data stored directly in the MSQL wordpress database ? Is it also possible to change the times AM / PM to the European time formal 24 hours ?

      Are we allowed to use the plugin on multiple websites ?

      These points would be very important for us to clarify before we buy the plugin

      1. Hi,
        Thanks for your interest in our plugin. Yes, all the booking details are stored in a database. The time format depends on your WordPress configurations so it is possible to change it. You need to purchase an Unlimited license to be able to use the plugin on multiple websites.

      1. Hi James, At the moment there is no possibility to sync events with external calendars. We’ll keep your request in mind though.

    5. Hi,

      Are there any ways that i can set the max day for booking?
      i.e. User can only book within next 2 months, after 2 months booking is not available. thx

      1. Hi, You may block the days manually only by adding Days Off so you will need to update the blocked dates every day manually.

        1. Thanks for your reply,
          however, i want to prevent clients to book the appointment too long (i.e. 3 months later), since there are some uncertainty for the staff that he/she will take leave or day off on the booking date. Thx.

          1. Hi, There is no rule to set how far it is possible to book the service. I’ve added your request to our list of features.

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    Release Notes

    1.5.0, Dec 2 2021

    • Added the ability to receive payments through Stripe, Direct Bank Transfer and Pay on Arrival gateways. Note: default email notification templates were updated to support payments, you might want to check them out.
    • Added more appointment booking form customization options: the ability to change the booking form title, the number of columns in a timepicker, and choose to show or hide the appointment end time.

    1.4.1, Jul 28 2021

    • Updated translation files.

    1.4.0, Jul 20 2021

    • Added the Multibooking option. It enables your clients to add several services to cart, thus reserve more than one appointment at one go. Note: default email notification templates were updated to support multiservice booking, you might want to check them out.
    • Improved the Appointment Booking widgets' customization experience in Divi and Elementor.

    1.3.1, Jun 11 2021

    • Added the service capacity settings: now you can set the min and max number of people per one service allowing a client to book an appointment for a group of people.
    • Fixed an issue with applying search filters incorrectly in the appointment booking form in Safari.

    1.3.0, May 26 2021

    • Added integration with popular builders: Elementor, the block editor (Gutenberg), and Divi. This will allow you to add and edit appointment forms and blocks visually with drag and drop.

    1.2.2, May 13 2021

    • Fixed an issue with including days off and custom working days in the Appointment Form.
    • Fixed an issue with including service variations.

    1.2.1, Apr 21 2021

    • Improved 'Any' values support for the Location and Employee fields in the Appointment Form.
    • Improved field filters for the Appointment Form shortcode.
    • Added datepicker localization for 50+ languages.
    • Fixed an issue with the translations support on the frontend.

    1.2.0, Mar 29 2021

    • Added 15 new Appointment form shortcode parameters to help you customize the process of selecting a service: default values, the ability to rename form labels and edit texts, and the ability to remove unneeded form fields.
    • Added 12 new shortcodes: a list of employees, locations, services, and service categories; plus, 8 single-employee shortcodes that will help you build up a single employee page.
    • Added a dedicated page for customizing major shortcodes, where you can edit shortcode parameters of the Appointment form and lists and save them for further use.
    • Added 3 new blocks for an Employee: Contact Information, Social Networks and Additional Information.
    • Improved the view of the shortcodes list on the Help page. Added all the new shortcodes and their parameters.
    • Improved the Appointment Form shortcode: the Next button is always visible, while invalid inputs are highlighted once the button is clicked.

    1.1.0, Dec 24 2020

    • Added the ability to set a Default appointment status (Confirmed or Pending) for newly created bookings.
    • Added the Shortcodes page with shortcodes and their descriptions.
    • Added the ability to send client and admin email notifications associated with bookings.

    1.0.0, Nov 26 2020

    • Initial release.