MotoPress Customer Stories

Here are the reviews from our customers who use MotoPress products in their projects. We really appreciate your thoughts. Thank you!

MotoPress is awesome. I never thought that company would go so above and beyond to help me understand the plugin and the theme. It is well worth the money and I will definitely be checking their site for future plugins.

Jeff Jensen, Facebook

Thanks for your reply and I appreciate you taking the time to help me with this request. Motopress WordPress Content Editor is a brilliant product and thanks again for developing it!


We have over 300 clients using MOTOPRESS, mostly real estate professionals and the feedback is amazing!

Bill, Curious Projects

MotoPress, shit awesome!!!!I have moved onto WordPress and have awaited your presence to grace WordPress and myself, your team is amazing!!

Noahj, Facebook

Thanks , I can’t working without motopress anymore

A Wouda

Thanks John, really can’t ask for better service than that!

Luke Wale

MotoPress has the best support I have ever worked with! Thank you John Smith for fixing a really severe problem with really short notice! Really.

David Radszuweit, Facebook

WOW, How good is this? A lot of work has gone into this plugin and it shows. Super easy to work with and is completely WYSIWYG with no surprises. Tabbed sections on the one page, Link Buttons anywhere even download buttons Built in slider, Google map inserter, Service boxes, Splash Screens, Charts, Countdown timer, Auto sizing of content boxes. Drag and drop widget anywhere function! Love it!


I am trying MotoPress, after trying Visual Composer and… WoW! MotoPRess is absolutely Fantastic!!!

Sergi, Facebook

This is a great plugin for WordPress and the support team is outstanding!!!!

John E. Hornyak‎, Facebook

Love this so much, very easy for a visual learner like myself.

Alexa Noel Dunkley

Hi, thanks for this powerful editor! my life became more easy after installing this.


Hi! The Emmet theme + MotoPress page builder looks fantastic.

David Hunter

As a WordPress developer, this is one of the most impressive plugins i’ve come across in a long time.

Sam Wells

This is a game changer plugin! You should know lots of people (like me!) are waiting for new versions of it (as well as new licenses!) so continue your great work!

Hasan Jahan

Quality theme that allows you to adpot a professional look really easily. (about Emmet)


An awesome clean theme while still very beautiful and modern, and easy to customize. Thanks guys!


I’ve only began using WordPress several months ago and it was everything that I expected and more. The templates make it a breeze to are great looking layouts to start with. I’ll be back to make a video to show just how great it is. You can even try it for free to make sure it works with your templates. Great job team MotoPress!!! P.S. The slider work great better than all the others and I’m going to get them all the plug-in and themes! I’m getting the Entrepreneur theme and Image HotSpot plugin, right now. I’ll make ya’ll a video on that enjoy.


Customizable front page of Emmet is incredible. I like the way it works. Good luck!


We’ve been using the MotoPress content editor in our Travel oriented site and we are more than satisfied with it’s usability. We highly recommend this plugin to all the people who wants to save time and money creating an eye catching and very professional aspect in minutes. Good job folks!


I use now since more than 1 year the plugin from motopress. Really great and would advise it to everybody.


I’ve been using this for a lot, and it’s a great tool to make your site look professional. It’s easy to use and has lots of options!


Many of my sites are built for clients, all using WordPress of course! MotoPress simply makes it easier for me to hand over a site to a client knowing that they will find it easy to update.


I used this plugin since I was building a WordPress site for the first time and it’s super useful and very intuitive. I stumbled upon it by accident, since it was a required part of another plugin I was using, but I’m really glad I found it! Super easy recommend to anyone interested in building sites with the least hassle required.


I seem to be constantly impressed by moto. How did I miss this ? 🙂 Fantastic ! So easy ! Once again many thanks! The more I use it the more I find out. Superb! Almost like DTP for web design!

Paul Ratcliffe, Facebook

What can you say about something that works flawlessly good, as advertised? Good job, guys, just keep up with the good work! ? Looking forward to a new and useful plugins, such as this one. (about TimeTable plugin)

Ivica Delic

MotoPress is always amazing. I have been using the content editor for my clients and day job for over a year now and I’m very happy. The MotoPress team is VERY helpful no matter what your situation is. High-quality product with fast, responsive and super courteous staff. Very satisfied and so are all my clients. This is a must-have content editor. It integrates with just about every template.

Jennifer Leigh, Facebook

The service is excellent, always ready to solve problems and doubts.
The pluguin is very good. Sandro

Sandro Machado, Facebook

Great Themes, very good support. All what i need for work.

Katrin Kallweit, Facebook