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    1. Hello Jordino,
      1. If you need to change some system text of the plugin, you can do it with the Locotranslate plugin. Here is the detailed instructions:
      – Install the Loco Translate plugin from wp.org and activate it.
      – Navigate to the Loco Translate tab > Plugins and select the needed plugin.
      – Click New Language.
      – Choose the language of your WordPress.
      – Select location: languages/plugins/mp-restaurant-menu-.po
      – Use the Filter field to find the string that you want to change.
      – Insert your own phrase as a translation.
      – Save and check the result.
      – When you are done, the Loco Translate plugin can be deleted. Make sure to follow step 5 so that you do not lose the changes.

      2. You can make address fields required by using the Delivery addon http://prntscr.com/i7l2ct

    1. Hi Austin,
      Thanks for the question however I’m not sure I got your question properly. Could you specify the steps to replicate this more detailed?

  1. I have categories and sub-categories (i.e., Breakfast > Eggs & Omelettes). When I click on Breakfast, I want to see the items displayed under their subcategories. Is this possible?

    1. Hi Anu,
      Thank you for your question however I’m not quite sure I got it properly. Do you mean you want to see links of child categories after you click on parent category? Do you have any example or screenshot? Actually you can override \wp-content\plugins\mp-restaurant-menu\templates\common\page-parts\single-taxonomy.php file to output what you need.

      1. Hi John – thanks for reaching back out. Below is hopefully a better depiction of what I am looking for:

        1) on my homepage, I want my 4 major categories for the user to select (http://georgestreetgrillandpizzeria.com/)
        2) Once you click on “Breakfast” (for example), here is what you see today (http://georgestreetgrillandpizzeria.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Breakfast-Page.png).
        3) There are several sub-categories within breakfast (http://georgestreetgrillandpizzeria.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Menu-Categories.png). I would like #2 to have sections for each sub category, a description of that category, and specific items listed in that category.

        1. Hi Anu,
          Thank you for clarification. You can try to create custom pages adding shortocde to should subcategories with all other information you need. After that add Images/blocks/custom widgets instead of parent categories on the home page and link those images to your custom created pages.

          1. Hi John – one more question. I made custom pages to have them display as I requested above. However, is there a way to change the permalink for the menu categories so I can use your main screen widget (as shown in link above) but link to my new custom pages?

          2. Hi Anu,
            It is not possible to edit category link only if you redirect it but it is not recommended. I’d suggest you to use some images or animated blocks instead of categories on the main page and link them with you custom pages.

  2. I had three columns and three data were displayed in the columns in the simple list view. But later I dont know what happened data displayed within 2 columns leaving 3rd column blank.
    What may be the solution for it?

    1. Hi Ani,
      We need to take a look at your site to see how you adjusted the layout. Could you emails us so we’ll be able to check your site?

    1. Hi Jade,
      Unfortunately, there is no way of exporting/importing data with csv. The xml files can be used only for exchanging data between our plugin on different installations. The csv import has been requested and with your comment we will increase its priority for implementation in one of the future updates.

  3. hi .. i have one small question if you can assist me … regarding the checkout page .. how can i edit the checkout fields ? like changing “shipping address” to “floor number”

    1. Hi Ahmad,
      I’m sorry for a delay. You can edit plugin templates overriding them.
      If you want to change the placeholder/text only you can use translating plugins (like Loco Translate or Poedit) to change default language files.

  4. Were you able to do this? I have the same issue with Emirati DInars. Showing different symbol when i want to use just AED?

    1. Hello Salih,
      You can set currency by going to Restaurant Menu>Settings>Currency Settings and select a currency you need. You can use provided currency label only.

        1. Do you mean you can not see a selector with currencies in settings of Restaurant Menu plugin. If so you can email us and our agents will check it for you.

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