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  1. Do I need to re-do my “Seasons” every year? It wants me to select dates within this calendar year for them, but the months the rates are set for don’t change year-over-year. Just trying to find out if once my season’s date range has passed, will I get an error message if I don’t update it to the next calendar year?

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      Yes, you will need either to extended existing seasons or add new ones for next year. Though if you have the same rates from year to year you may add 1 season for 5 years for example and use it in your rates. When the season which was used in rate expires the accommodation type becomes unavailable.

  2. hi
    i want to make the the booking process without checking the availability
    i mean i need to skip the calendar and the availability option
    so customer can click on the book now button and they go to the checkout page directly

    1. Hello Jass,
      Thank you for your request. Could you clarify the request more detailed so we’ll be able to understand what type of property(ies) you rent out and the flow you need? Do you rent out single or multiple properties? Do you mean you wish to modify Book button on search results page? Please provide more information so we’ll be able to help you.

  3. Hello friends

    How can I delete the predefined calendars that appear in Reservations -> sync calendars?

    I tried to erase the demo rooms but I can’t find a way to erase those calendars

    Thank you


    1. Hi Anna,
      You need to navigate to Dashboard > Accommodation > Accommodations and delete unnecessary accommodations. Once you delete them from your site their calendars will not be listed at Bookings > Sync calendars anymore.

  4. Hi, I have several doubts about the complement, I bought the booking pluying, I also bought the subject because I needed users who only dedicate themselves to charge and make reservations.

    I do not have users who only dedicate to reserve.

    Payment ID and reservations are not consecutive

    I need to add more data like car brand, color and license plate.

    I can’t change room to a tone

    neither can the payment receipt be printed

    1. Hello Hector,
      1. Sorry, I am not sure I get the question appropriately, could you please specify what you mean by “users who only dedicate themselves to charge and make reservations”?
      2. Please, note that the booking ID and the payment ID should not be the same since every WordPress post has its unique ID and this fact does not depend on the Hotel Booking plugin, but on WordPress in general. So, it is not an error that the booking ID and the payment ID are different.
      3. Do you mean you need to collect more data on the Checkout page? Since there is no possibility to add extra fields, we recommend to rename an unnecessary one (“Notes”, for example) asking your guests to specify the needed data. You can do it following this article.
      4. Please, note that the MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin uses the single post template of the active theme for accommodation type pages and standard CSS classes to pick up the styles of the active theme and mix in with the design. If needed, design changes can be made with CSS.
      5. Since the 3.7.0 version there was improved the “Booking Confirmed” page with regard to displaying information on client’s booking and payment in case the booking is paid online. You can use this information to print a receipt.
      Also, our support agent Stacy Lind offered a code to see invoices in the admin panel. Please, support a ticket, for us to send you the code if needed.
      However, note that Stacy Lind does not work here any more. So, note that the code was not tested with latest Hotel Booking versions. Moreover, be careful since the code is not update-proof.

    1. Hello Oscar,
      You may use attributes of search results shortcode to sort the results in way you prefer. There is used the following parameter orderby Sort by Values: price, order, ID, title, date, menu_order. See the full list. Default: menu_order
      In case you need to disable recommendation in the search result, go to Accommodation > Settings > unclick “Enable search form to recommend the best set of accommodations according to a number of guests” > Save Changes.

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