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  1. Good day. I want to have a weekend, midweek and week option for my cottage. What I did:

    * January : for all days
    * weekend: for friday, saturday and sunday
    * midweek: for mondag, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday

    Check in

    * weekend: friday
    * midweek: monday

    Check out

    weekend: sunday
    midweek: Friday

    However: there is no option to check in on Monday if I do it like this. I can only see Friday as check in. In that case the stay is OK with max 2 for weekend and 21 for the rest of the January month. Prices are also not OK because weekend pricing is overruled by the night price for rest of the week. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Hello Mariette,
      1. Try deleting the Check-out stay rules. Then add the Maximum stay rules: for the Weekend season – 2 nights; for the Weekdays season – 6 nights. We checked that in this way the weekend and midweek options should work properly.
      2. Note that the top season price in a rate is the most priority one. So, just drag and drop the needed price to top, for this price to be more priority than another ones.
      In case you have any further problems with seasons, rules or rates, please, submit a ticket here https://motopress.com/support/. We would need to have a closer look at the issue and provide you with personal assistance.

  2. Good day

    I wanted to change the Dutch wording of some buttons, went into the language files but all of a sudden part of the website is in english again. What did I do wrong? Is there a possibility to obtain a new NL language file somewhere and how can I change wording on buttons? It goes wrong after checking for availability.

    Secondly is there a possiblility to have pricing for weekends for the whole year? I made weekends in season (applied for fri-sat-sun) but the pricing of the normal nights overrule the weekend pricing.

    1. Found the solution for the language myself in the meantime. For others:

      * simply translate the .po file and convert it into a .mo file. I changed the .mo file by accident and it did not work after that!

      The second question regarding the pricing still exists. Is a weekend pricing possible while having weekly prices too? The normal nights overrule the weekend pricing now

      1. Hello Mariette,
        1. Thank you for solving the issue on your own.
        Indeed, when translating language files, you should translate .po file and convert it into .mo file.
        We also recommend to use the Loco Translate plugin that helps changing system text easily.
        2. When adding a new season price to the rate, make sure to move the price to top to set higher priority. In this way, just drag and drop the price for the “Weekends” season to top, for this price to be more priority than the “normal nights” price.

  3. Hola me gustaria saber como puedo quitar habitaciones de mi calendario manualmente , sin tener que sincronizar calendario con otras plataformas . hacelo manualmente . Hay hoteles que no me permiten en booking la opción de Sincronizar calendario y debo de hacerlo manualmente , me pregunto como puedo quitar y poner disponibilidad en el calendario .

    1. Hello Tania,
      As far as we understood, you do not need to sync all the accommodations and want to remove from the calendar the ones that should not be synced. However, you do not need to remove them, just do not synchronize the needed accommodations. In case we misunderstood the question, please, create a ticket, providing examples and screenshots if possible.

  4. Need partial payment option. We have installed the payment reminder plugin – which is great.

    I need a guest to pay a certain percentage when they book, then remind them to pay the balance using the payment reminder plugin.

    But for payment gateways, I only see Pay on arrival, which doesn’t require up front payment (but just sends an email prompting to pay the balance) or Paypal.

    How can I collect a certain percentage on booking? This is really a show-stopper for me using this plugin.


    1. Hi Tom,
      In order to charge the percentage on reservation you may select to charge Deposit amount under Dashboard > Accommodation > Settings > Payment Gateways > User Pays option.

      1. It is possible to do it by tiers?
        What i mean is, we want to charge a percentage or the full reservation depending on the value of the total reservation. For example, if the total amount to pay is 500usd the customer only pays 50% and if it is above 1.000usd he must pays the full reserve.
        We are using paypal as gateway.

        Thanks for helping

        1. Hi Hector,
          Thank you for your request. At the moment there is not such an option. You may set either percentage /fixed amount deposit or full amount. Both charge types (deposit and full amount) can not be enabled even depending on total amount. Though we will keep your request in mind and notify you when we have any news about this feature. Thanks.

    1. Hi,
      You can add the style below to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS (or style.css file of your child theme) in order to hide selector of properties to book:

      display:none !important;
  5. Hi, wondering if there’s any way to program a rule or some logic. We have a minimum 5 night stay rule in place. However, we’d like to offer a 4 night stay option, but with an additional fee added for that specific 4 night option. How would I accomplish this? Is this possible?

    1. Hello Marcus,
      It is possible to add variable pricing by custom stay period e.g. for 4 days stay period it will be $100 per day while for 5 and more $75 etc. The price will be applied automatically depending on amount of nights the guest would select. You may also describe this condition at the description of the property page.

      1. Thanks for the reply. I’m assuming this is done in the “rates” tab? No matter what I try, I cannot accomplish this. It’s either offering 2 rates at checkout or not using the variation I’ve set at all. Is there any documentation I can refer to that would clarify this? I must be doing soemthing wrong. Thanks so much for your help!

  6. Hello,
    I have a question about available calendar.
    I only need to synchronize the calendar with an external source. It’s functional with confirmed dates, but by default, all other dates are not available. Why?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Mylene,
      In order to make the dates available and import bookings from external platforms you would need to add season and rate for each property. Even if you do not wish to allow reservation on sites you would need this to make the dates available in calendars.

  7. Hello there,

    I acquired your Hotel Booking Plugin as part of the Bellevue theme.

    I have one question, a competitor of yours, WP Booking Calendar https://wpbookingcalendar.com/ offers the option to display the daily booking rates on the calendar itself.

    Do you have any such functionality? If not, is there any way I can incorporate, as a client is insisting.



    1. Hi Hamad,
      At the moment there is no option to display rates in front end availability calendar as our in our Hotel Booking plugin allows to add variable pricing depending on stay period and amount of guests. In other words, the price might be changed due to days of stay period and even per amount of guests.

  8. Hi Team ,
    thanks for all your fabulous supports
    few question
    1. where a user can see and manage his booking
    2. if there is custom payment added like paid by cash / partial payment , how the end user get notified — there is no email notification for that .
    3. how we can manage early guest checkout / or is there is facility to checkout guest early — just in case as emergency happen ..
    4.how we can we manage payment notification to end user where the user is on my remote property let say a out city farmhouse for 2 month ,,, and he needed to be notified for the balance payment ,, he have paid me 400 out of 1000 – a balance notification to user 2 days before or something like similar ……

    1. Hi Kaushal,
      Thank you for your questions.
      1. Guest does not have access to his reservation. He/she just gets an email notification with details of reservation he/she has made.
      2. There is available Pay On Arrival gateway that confirms booking automatically and then you charge guest on arrival or out of the WordPress dashboard
      3. If you need to edit check-in or check-out of existing reservation you will need to remove this booking and add new one with correct data.
      4. You will need Payment Request addon to send automated email in X days before check-in date with payment link to charge the guest to pay the remaining amount.
      Let us know if you have any further question.

  9. What is the purpose of ‘Generate Accommodations’? I don’t quite understand why you would just ‘Add new accommodation’?

    1. Hi Kurt,
      Accommodations represents amount of rooms (items) of certain type (Accommodation type). For example there are 5 rooms of Double Room type in a Hotel. So an owner adds accommodation type Double Room and system generates 1 Accommodation automatically. So this option allows generate 4 more Accommodations for Double Room. There might be even more accommodations needed to generate with few clicks.

      1. just curious, what if you only have one accommodation type, i.e., a small 3-bedroom house? Do you generate multiple accommodations or just have one active accommodation?

        1. Hi,
          If you rent out 1 cottage there should be tied 1 accommodation only. Accommodations are used to reflect the amount of real existing units of certain accommodation type.

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