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  1. What I want is a way to let my customers report issues in a room and I want such rooms (rooms with issues) to be highlighted when I go to check the rooms page in the admin section. Please is this available? I need this to make a decision.

    1. Hi,
      There is no special option for the case you have described. However you may try using WordPress native comment sections and enable full moderation to be able to view draft comment assigned to each property.

  2. Hi. If like to know if the yearly subscription is required for the Plugin to keep working because it isn’t very clear at checkout, not even in the cart; or if it’s optional only for updates and support.

    Can I keep it working with only the first purchase indefinitely?

    1. Hi Victor,
      The active license is required for plugin updates and technical support. License expiration does not affect plugin/theme functionality. You may renew the license when you need updates or support

    1. Hi Chris,
      Currently there is no ready made solution for such integration however we have this in out to-do list. You may try to make your integration if you have particular coding skills though. Thank you for your feedback.

  3. Hello, I’m thinking of buying the Hotel Booking plugin for a client. But I’m not sure if the plugin offers the following functionality: if a user asks for an availability (e.g. 2 adults from 26/01/2019 for 2 nights) and there are no more rooms free, then the system starts searching for the next availability. So there should be an answer like: no, we don’t have a room available on this date, but we have a room available on 2/2/2019 for 2 nights. And then the possibility to reserve for that new period.

    1. Hi, Thank you for your question. At the moment there is not option that shows the nearest available date if all rooms are booked. You may place availability calendars of the rooms for your visitors to see the dates when certain room is available.

        1. Hi Adedeji,
          You may add the line below to functions.php file of your theme:
          remove_action( 'mphb_render_single_room_type_metas', array( '\MPHB\Views\SingleRoomTypeView', 'renderCalendar' ), 40 );

    1. Hello James, make sure you have season with dates that are going on the dates you check an availability for, rates with such season and there no booking rule added that may block off the stay-in period or check in, etc.

        1. Hi,
          Dates are blocked automatically whenever someone submits a booking or when you block off dates in Bookings > Booking Rules.

  4. Hi, I don’t recieve customer or admin emails for confirmation when making reservation, I have the payment set to confirmation email, and in Accomodation settings, I have the admin’s email set both in “Admin Email list” and in Email Settings, I see the booking in the administration panel, but no emails, any suggestions or help?

    1. Hi Memo,
      Make sure Mail Function is enabled and configured properly on your server as it is responsible for message delivery. You can contact your hosting provider to get assistance with your server configurations. Or we would recommend to set up SMTP on your WordPress for better and secure email delivery.

  5. Hello there,

    We are currently selling with euro. But banks also want local currency to appear. I want to add the second currency. Is it possible to show the local currency after selecting the room or at the payment section?

    1. Hello,
      Unfortunately there is no option to use multi-currency within Hotel Booking plugin. We’ll keep your suggestion in mind and probably will provide some solution later with further updates. Thanks.

  6. Buen dia:
    Estoy probando el Plugin de hotel booking , Estoy utilizando como editor Gytember, cuando agrego el tipo de alojamiento, solo me da la opción de editor clásico y otro plugin que tengo como editor , me puedo apoyar en como utilizar gutember, para añadir alojamientos. saludos

    1. Hello Octavio,
      Thank you for your question however I’m not sure i got the question correctly. Could you clarify what other editor you use and what you can not edit using it?

        1. Hi Lars,
          We have update demo sites however it is still possible to rent out beds using our hotel booking plugin. You will need to add beds as accommodation types to rent them out.

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