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We’re really excited to announce that New MotoPress License plans are finally released.

Now MotoPress users can purchase not only the Personal license and create one website, now it’s possible to buy the Business license which allows creating up to five unique websites, and the Developer License which gives you access to build an unlimited number of sites for yourself and your clients.

Why Business and Developer Licenses are so good and why is there so much noise around them?

The answer is pretty simple, by using these licenses it’s not prohibited to utilize MotoPress Content Editor only for one site. Now you have a good choice and depends on your needs you can choose the license plan which meets all your requirements and professional demands.

MotoPress Personal License

Personal License enables you to use the MotoPress plugin for creating one single website for yourself. You can combine MotoPress with other WordPress plugins and make a derivative work from it. You are not allowed to sell the final website, extract the plugin and use it separately from the end product.

MotoPress Business License

If you are a really active WordPress user and one website is not enough for you, it’s possible to own the Business License and create five beautiful sites for yourself.

It grants permission to build five different websites edit and customize them according to all your wishes. You are also able to combine the Content Editor with other plugins to achieve the best results for your online business. Even without deep technical skills building your web presence with MotoPress is really easy.

MotoPress Developer License

If you are a Developer, have many clients, desire to work but don’t have time to create and customize enough websites, MotoPress has a good solution – Developer License. It enables you to build as many websites as you need really quickly and gives you the permission to use them on an unlimited number of domains.

Do you need to extend Motopress Content Editor with the handy customary elements developed by you? Just add your own site components, expand the functionality of your website and modify your online project in any way you like. It has never been easier to work with WordPress!

Main pros of the Developer License are:

  • Developer can create as many websites as he needs
  • Developer saves time and for more shorter period builds more valuable websites
  • More sites means more profit for the developer
  • Developer always has an access to MotoPress technical support to get help with any issue

Important! By purchasing any license you are agree to MotoPress Terms and Conditions.
In spite of the License you purchase there are some things you can not do with the plugin:

  • You can’t redistribute the plugin or make it available for free after the purchase
  • You can’t extract and use a single component of the plugin on a stand-alone basis
  • You can’t extract the plugin and use it separately from the final website

Now you have a clear understanding of what MotoPress Content Editor licenses are all about. Go ahead and create a really outstanding WordPress website with MotoPress.

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