Best WordPress Themes for Artists 2021

This post is devoted to all professionals and business owners engaged in creating or popularizing art. Monetizing different forms of art is more effective with a solid online presence. WordPress offers plenty of high-quality solutions for designers, photographers, dancers, gallery owners, tattoo artists, and more. We will prove it in our list of top 20+ WordPress art themes.

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Best Wine Themes for WordPress 2021

Being advocates of beautiful designs and great website functionality, we try to keep our readers updated on the best WordPress themes & templates. Our goal for this selection was to find the best wine theme, which offers the easiest customization, universal layouts, and WooCommerce features on top.

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Best WordPress Medical Themes & Health Care Templates

Healthcare & medical industry is a challenging area in website development. For any medical WordPress theme, it’s important to reflect the concept of trust, employee’s professionalism, and along with it – support and care.

When choosing one of the many health care themes based on the world’s most popular CMS, make sure you get a great duo of highly-flexible options and a user-oriented design. A discreet yet modern-looking design is the first thing that presents a medical institution and associates with the doctors’ competency.

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20+ Best WordPress Food Blog Themes for Culinary Websites

As much as we love food and culinary recipes, we enjoy high-quality WordPress templates. For today’s selection, we prepared 20+ best WordPress food blog themes with powerful functionality and high ratings. Our collection consists of both premium and free solutions, which does not limit anyone from choosing the most suitable option.

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Top Free WordPress Timeline Plugins for Elementor & the Block Editor

WordPress timeline plugins are a great way to showcase your development journey in chronological order, no matter whether you are a designer or teacher. Some other common scenarios for using timelines include:

  • Roadmap
  • The stages of a project
  • Company/brand history
  • Resume/work experience
  • Guides

There are a few awesome solutions on the WordPress market you can use for free; they give you some key tools for creating a simple event timeline.

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20 Best WordPress Themes for Small Business

There exists a direct connection between the success of your small business and the online presence of your brand. Do not miss out on the opportunity to increase sales through visitors searching for your product or service online. Depending on what you sell, WordPress small business templates will help you present, describe the product/service, and then, urge for a purchase.

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Appointment Booking Plugin 1.2.0: Customize Booking Widget & More

The WordPress Appointment Booking plugin by MotoPress version 1.2.0 is out!

It’s a huge update that gives you more flexibility as to the booking form customization and page design options based on the staff member, services, and other content you add to the plugin. We’ve added a number of shortcodes that will help you perform these tasks.

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